eclipsed No. 144 / 10-2012

albums for eternity

If you now browse through your record / CD collection, you will surely discover some "old acquaintances" who appear in our ultimate Prog best list, of course they also lead it. Since the beginning of our Prog series the list has grown, other albums have dropped out. The discussions were endless... Now it stands, and as candy Jon Anderson, Greg Lake, Steve Hillage and Steven Wilson exclusively commented on those of their albums that could place themselves. On top of that there are the 50 strongest Progmetal recordings. The other subgenres of the Prog - especially Artrock/New Artrock - are represented with representative albums in the ranking.

The test of courage

Muse, the majestic pomp trio, reporting back! However, compared to the successful album "The Resistance", the stylistic adjustment screws have been tightened. A necessity, because a higher, faster, further in this overambitious direction would have meant the creative end for the Olympic song composers in the medium term.

Sounds the world has never heard before

After more than four years, a new studio work by Marillion is now being released. Announced again and again, the recordings for the 17th album of the English group dragged themselves more and more into the length. Now it's finally here, and those who have heard it so far agree with the band: it has become one of their best!

Everything the same - only better

Founded 40 years ago, Magnum have rarely shown signs of wear and tear in her career. Their very own down-to-earth sound mixture has so far defied any fashion. Especially when the band delivers such great work as with their current recording "On The 13th Day".

Spiritual Minds

Wovenhand have been stepping out of the long shadow of 16 Horsepower for a while now. And not only that: The US band around David Eugene Edwards records one more weighty album after the other. On "The Laughig Stalk" they raise their shamanic alternative country rock again to a new level.

The Conductor

As a member of The Velvet Underground, he once helped to merge rock music with the avant-garde. Now the seventy-year-old presents a straight rock, yes pop album. But John Cale wouldn't be John Cale if it didn't roll, scratch and saw here too.

"The Kinks were never always just one person"

When the Kinks entered the scene in 1964, they quickly made a name for themselves. Along with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who, they have long been among the big four of the British beat scene. Why this is so, the production "The Kinks At The BBC" makes clear once again. The now released double album - and even more the boxset - present a band that has left a lasting impression on the next generation of musicians.

The fullness of emptiness

Sweden is known to have great retroprog bands. Among these Beardfish stand out again particularly by their unusual style mix. On their new album "The Void" they work their way through the various forums of emotional emptiness and draw on the full range of music.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

He is still considered one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived. Jimi Hendrix would have turned 70 in November (story follows!). Reason enough, then, to take a closer look at his lyrical talent. The Electric Ladyland epic "1983..." raises the question: Is it a fairytale hippie utopia or a description of a bizarre double suicide?