eclipsed No. 145 / 11-2012

To everything there is a season

He'd be in jail by a hair's breadth. He was saved from that by joining the army. There he met Billy Cox, with whom he would later play in Woodstock, among other places. But before this happened, the US American Jimi Hendrix had to take the road via England to be recognised as a star in his home country. We remember important stages in the short life of the immortal rock guitarist, who would have turned 70 on 27 November.

Full Power Back

After the possibility of a Genesis reunion in the classical line-up has moved into the far distance, if not become impossible, Steve Hackett jumps into the breach with "Genesis Revisited II" as active executor of the estate. Surprising beside the song selection is also the list of guest musicians.


They were glamorous, experimental and unpredictable. After three spectacular albums the art/glam rockers Roxy Music changed their style more and more towards a plush salon pop gesture. They were successful at all times. On the occasion of the recently released ten CD box "The Complete Studio Recordings" we trace the meaning of one of the most decadent bands in rock history and let guitarist Phil Manzanera help us in detail questions.

Never say die!

Glenn Hughes can't really be happy about "Afterglow", the third prank of the Black Country Communion. The reasons for this are naturally not to be found in the musical quality of the quartet, which has been equipped with proven experts and has delivered a mature performance this time as well. Rather, it worries the 61-year-old that he has to do the doctorate for this alone. And that the band doesn't tour.

The art of self-dissolution

Back in 2010 with a big buzz and the spectacular album "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky", New York's noise eccentrics have now created an intimidating and cleansing acoustic adventure with the double album "The Seer". The six-headed Swans around Swan King Michael Gira impressively stick to the unpredictable.

The Ich-AG in full swing

Some band musicians do it in passing, but for Steven Wilson it was a big step: For the first time the Porcupine Tree boss went on tour as a solo artist on a grand scale. With impressive success, as the DVD "Get All You Deserve" recorded in Mexico City proves.

Reanimation Test

Jeff Lynne, mastermind of the Electric Light Orchestra, which was used to success in the seventies and eighties, has dusted off and overhauled some classical songs of the inactive band for the recently released album "Mr. Blue Sky". The 64-year-old Brit hoped that his old exploits would be rediscovered by a new generation of listeners.

We are back again

Fans of Änglagård had to wait a long time until the band was kissed awake from their slumber. But the wait was worth it. The new work of the Swedes seamlessly follows on from their classics from the nineties. The band is looking forward to the future with a watchful eye.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

Primal Scream are an effective party weapon of the British rock underground. Her texts often sound like catchy slogans, suitable for grummaging and dancing. But often there is much more behind them than one would expect at first glance. In "Star" her singer Bobby Gillespie crowns herself as the traditional worker hero of the turn of the millennium.

Shopping List VAN MORRISON
Irish Soul Brother

When Van Morrison appeared on the scene with Them in 1964, he was proclaimed a major competitor to Mick Jagger. In fact, the voices of the two shouters were strikingly similar in the beginning. The Stone could take it calmly: Morrison had neither his band machinery nor his sex appeal.