eclipsed No. 178 / 3-2016

GENESIS - 40 years of "A Trick Of The Tail" Of

course it was a venture: Genesis without Peter Gabriel, without his outstanding singer and lyricist, without his frontman and supposed thought leader? That was hard to imagine in 1975, when the five Englishmen were touring through the USA and Europe with their concept work "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", which was just as grandiose as it was great. In a relatively short time Tony Banks, Michael Rutherford, Phil Collins and Steve Hackett had to cope with the new situation. But while the British music press was already writing obituaries on Genesis, they recorded an album that would be the most successful of their career so far: "A Trick Of The Tail".

WOLFMOTHER - It's been

ten years since a young band from Australia took the throne in the army of young retro rockers. No rock fan could avoid Wolfmother's debut album in 2005, their groovy Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin riff rock was so infectious. Now Wolfmother boss Andrew Stockdale presents the fourth album and presents himself on it in fine form.

A TODSICHERES BUSINESS - Jeff Jampol manages faded rock stars

In real life, Jeffrey Jampol is a professor of pop culture at UCLA. This makes his part-time job all the more bizarre: he runs the first management company dedicated to the marketing of deceased artists. His clients: The Doors, The Ramones, Janis Joplin, Rick James, Michael Jackson and many more.

RUNRIG - Who wants to live forever

"The Story" should be over. Anyway, about new studio albums. The fourteenth work by Runrig, which was recorded as a final event in her career as a studio artist, is the occasion for an exclusive rendezvous in Glasgow - including an interview session and a whisky rehearsal. This also gives eclipsed the opportunity to review the eventful history of Scottish rockers from the Outer Hebrides.

DAVID BOWIE - Bye-bye Spaceboy!

His death came as a complete surprise to the public. He leaves a gaping gap in the international rock scene. Because David Bowie was far more than an ordinary musician - he was a visionary, an artist and an icon. He was a symbol of mutability, perfect self-production and brilliant songs. Most of the time, anyway. Marcel Anders formulates a very personally colored farewell for the legendary star...

MIKE OLDFIELD - Journey of discovery

The world success as a burden: After Mike Oldfield had become a pop star with "Crises", the problems began. A new contract had to be negotiated which made it necessary to flee into tax exile. And in addition to a quick follow-up album, the musician also committed himself for the first time to a soundtrack work. 1984 was a difficult year for the former boy wonder. On the occasion of the new edition of "Discovery" and "The Killing Fields" as well as the newly compiled "1984 Suite", eclipsed is searching for traces.

MAGNUM - A good attempt

Can Magnum ever again get within striking distance of their album classics from the eighties? This question has been raised for some time. Her latest studio work "Sacred Blood 'Divine' Lies" is at least a serious attempt. That means cheering with the Die-hard fans, for everyone else it's an invitation to listen attentively to a new record of the English band.

GREENLEAF - Wald- und Wiesenrocker de luxe

With "Rise Above The Meadow", their recently released new longplayer, they have made a truly powerful kite fly. The Swedish band Greenleaf knows that they deserve a lot of patting on the back. The term Stoner Rock does not do justice to what this band does, however, for a long time. And now they are finally forgetting the double-edged characterization "side project".

DAVID GILMOUR - The master of guitar solos will be 70

decades, he was guitarist and singer of Pink Floyd, one of the most successful rock bands of all time. His soulful solos became icons of art rock like no other guitarist. His unmistakable style has been copied countless times. On 6 March David Gilmour celebrates his 70th birthday. eclipsed congratulates...

Music for dreamers - With their new album the TINDERSTICKS ask for a deeply relaxed escape from reality

: The British are already a strange bunch - for 24 years now and ten albums they have been sounding out all areas of cultivated, well-tempered pop music, rejecting the common commercial thinking of the music industry and changing their line-up just as often as their record companies - namely after almost every album/tour cycle. While at the beginning of this decade they were exclusively concerned with instrumental soundtracks and commissioned works for museums, they are now presenting a new recording called "The Waiting Room"...

"I like myself as an older gentleman" - A hopeful PHIL COLLINS between Reissues and concert plans

Royal Garden Hotel, London, early evening on a rainy, stormy day at the end of January. The Phil Collins team has rented two somewhat barren conference rooms without daylight in the basement for interviews with European media. The world star, who had a severe back operation last autumn, walks on a stick, his right foot is in a splint and cannot be used properly again yet.

Ready to conquer the world - PRISTINE really want to take off

The retro rock wave has also reached tranquil Tromsø in northern Norway: at the latest since January 2012, when Pristine released her debut album "Detoxing", followed by "No Regret" in 2013. The band around singer Heidi Solheim is completely dedicated to the early 70s sound - and especially to blues rock. The accolade "Blues Rock at its best" by the American "Blues Rock Review" proves how skilfully Pristine works.