eclipsed No. 179 / 4-2016

YES - Denkmalpflege im Akkord

Chris Squire tot, Jon Anderson unerwünscht: Yes does not include any founding members any more, just like musicians of the first line-up. Does the flagship of classical progressive rock have a credibility or authenticity problem? If that's the case, at least none of it will show. On the contrary, the Yes machine is running at full speed. In May the group comes to eight concerts in Germany and Switzerland. We take this opportunity to talk to Steve Howe and Geoff Downes about the state of the glorious quintet, but we also let Rick Wakeman have his say, who with Jon Anderson and Trevor Rabin is currently setting up a kind of Yes counter-band. And on top of that, we're packing the list of the 50 biggest Yes songs.

MOTORPSYCHO - Beyond Imagination

On their new opus "Here Be Monsters" the Norwegians take it a little easier than on their previous albums. Memories of her folkloric phase at the beginning of the noughties are awakened. But that doesn't mean that their music has lost its intensity. In an interview with eclipsed, Bent Sæther talks about how the album came about via detours and what the band is planning.

CAMEL - Andy Latimer over 40 years of "Moonmadness"

When Camel's third studio album "The Snow Goose" was released in 1975, nobody had expected that such an experimental work - and a purely instrumental one at that - would break the charts worldwide and represent the commercial breakthrough of the British Prog Quartet. So the formation around the bandleaders Andy Latimer and Pete Bardens had a hard time with the successor "Moonmadness". The record was released forty years ago. Latimer remembers.

JOE BONAMASSA - No desperate act

"Blues Of Desperation" fills the dozen of Joe Bonamassa studio albums. And one thing is already certain: It is one of his best. Even before the release, the New Yorker toured Germany, knowing full well that in the blues rock genre he was only surpassed by Eric Clapton in terms of popularity. We spoke Bonamassa shortly before his show in Lingen in the Emsland and had already watched his furious show in Dortmund before.

EDGAR FROESE - past and future of Tangerine Dream

Electronic pioneer Edgar Froese died last year. He was 70 years old. With the internationally successful formation Tangerine Dream he defined the style of the so-called Berlin School since the early seventies. On the occasion of his first anniversary of death on 30 January, the painter and graphic artist Edgar Froese was also honoured with the exhibition "The Art Of How To Dream". At the same time Tangerine Dream gave a sign of life there.

LAZULI - Shy of blinkers

With their seventh album "No Âmes Saoules", the French prog band Lazuli brings another work with intelligent lyrics and varied tones onto the market. To reduce the ten pieces only to prog, however, would be too short-sighted because of the diversity of the musical elements. Here World Music meets Chanson, provided with a portion of folk and discreet progressive rock moments.

KHEBEZ DAWLE خبز دولة Escape as Tour: The Odyssey of a Syrian Artrock Band

The World is Changing and with it the Music. We are living in a new age of migration. In autumn 2015 the Syrian art rock formation Khebez Dawle arrived in Berlin. Their psychedelic, yet powerful intellectual rock sound is familiar and different. eclipsed met the group in Berlin and had the almost unbelievable story of their way from a completely destabilized country through half of Europe to Germany told to them.

ENGLAND - Endless Odyssey

With their brilliant debut album "Garden Shed", the England formation presented a true symphonic prog pearl in 1977. But although the group played in the same league as Genesis and Yes in terms of composition, it disintegrated only a short time later. All the better that "Garden Shed" now appears as an exemplary new edition.

PIOTR GRUDZIŃSKI - 15.3.1975 - 21.2.2016

The Polish progressive rockers Riverside mourn their founding member Piotr Grudziński. Friends, fans and fellow musicians were shocked by the surprising death of the celebrated guitarist. Mike Borrink had interviewed Grudziński several times and got to know him as a very sensitive artist and person. He says goodbye in a very personal text.

After the quarrel with his record companies EMI and Polydor, Fish decided to take a courageous step: In 1994 he founded his own label with Dick Bros. without further ado, but he was shipwrecked with it. The albums that the Scottish singer released between 1997 and 2003 are characterized by a constant, involuntary change: changing record companies and changing songwriters made it difficult for Fish, who himself doesn't know any instrument, to follow his course. He has documented all this in his extensive essays on the re-releases "Sunsets On Empire", "Raingods With Zippos" and "Fellini Days", which are now being released. However, we wanted to know a few more details.