eclipsed No. 191 / 6-2017

ROGER WATERS - Late victory

32 years after leaving Pink Floyd, Roger Waters no longer fights against himself or his former band colleagues, but against the powerful, rich and dangerous of the modern world. His miracle weapon: "Is This The Life We Really Want?", the first studio album in 25 years and a stretched middle finger towards Le Pen, Erdogan and Trump. Especially towards Trump!

ANATHEMA - A fine day to re-entry

Anathema are a bank. With their new eleventh studio work "The Optimist", the Liverpool formation around the brothers Danny, Jamie and Vincent Cavanagh proves that they consistently deliver the highest art rock quality. In terms of content, it ties in with its own past: "The Optimist" is a continuation of the 2001 recording "A Fine Day To Exit".

FOREIGNER - 40 Years of Assembly

In the spring of 1977 Mick Jones could finally hold it in his hands: the debut album of his band Foreigner. Two years earlier he had moved from England to New York City as a stranger in order to live the American dream as a musician. Already after a short time it was clear that he had hit a nerve with his band. Jones & Co. created a new genre with the AOR with the mix of British rockakribie and US looseness, or filled it with life like no other band.


Actually, "Terra Circus" came into being by chance. In 2014 Tom should play "The Perc" Redecker with his project Sun Temple Circus as support for Agitation Free. But the tour fell into the water, the concept remained. And since the majority of Sun Temple Circus participants were founding members of Electric Family anyway, it was only a small step towards reviving the psychedelic rock formation.

THE BEATLES - 50 Years "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

How do you bring a classic of pop history closer to a generation that hardly listens to albums any more? And how must this sound to be accepted by today's youth? Questions that the Beatles dealt with on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - and found a congenial solution: a new stereo mix, which saturally outshines all previous mixes of the record. The man who performed this audiophile miracle is Giles Martin, son of Sir George. eclipsed met the 47-year-old in London.

"Yes feat. Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman are the headliners of the Night Of The Prog 2017

Hand on heart, Yes without Jon Anderson were despite Steve Howe and some completely live excavated Yes albums never the real thing. The project started a year ago as Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman has now done what Yes fans expected and hoped for: They call themselves after what they were and are - Yes. To this and other questions we asked the three Jasagers, Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-members and upcoming Night-Of-The-Prog-Headliners to the round table.


Dweezil Zappa is headliner of Zappanale #28. On the occasion of his only German guest appearance this year, eclipsed spoke with the 47-year-old US-American about his father's legacy, the meaning of "Freak Out!" and the dispute in the Zappa Family Trust.

The world needs love - SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT show how to turn sadness into beauty

The title of the new album of Samsara Blues Experiment, "One With The Universe", sounds very positive. It's like there's somebody in the right place with you and the world. Much, however, has come about against a serious background. "There's a lot of personal stuff in this album," says Chris Behrens, mastermind of the trio, "maybe more than ever before. Three of the five songs are lyrically dedicated to my ex-girlfriend. That breakup had ripped me into quite a hole. I wanted to free myself creatively from it. It also doesn't make sense to moan, even if that often seems to be the order of the day in the blues. 'My baby left me this morning...' - but in the end you have to get over it."

Also on album number 14 DEPECHE MODE show their brittle, avant-garde side

When a band like Depeche Mode moves their stage from the stadium to an intimate auditorium, this is a special situation. On March 17, Depeche Mode will present songs from their new album "Spirit" to several hundred guests in the broadcast hall of the old GDR Funkhaus in Berlin's Nalepastraße and garnish them with older songs. The closeness that the band allows is highly unusual. But it's revealing.

Mike Rutherford once again enjoys his band project MIKE + THE MECHANICS

Progressive, soulful pop at its best is what Mike Rutherford and his Mechanics present at their latest studio work "Let Me Fly". The Genesis-bassist/guitarist Rutherford (66) and singer Andrew Roachford (52) are also in a splendid mood when they talk about the current work.