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SUPERTRAMP - 40 Years Breakfast In America

Forty years ago Supertramp created their most accessible work to date with "Breakfast In America". It meant for the British formation not only the breakthrough in the USA. It is also the record that sold best by far from their catalogue, the record that made them world stars and a stadium band. What you don't listen to is the arduous, sometimes agonizingly slow process of creation - at a time when the two songwriters Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson were already avoiding each other as much as possible. For the fortieth anniversary of the release of the record we go on a search for clues and talk to Hodgson and John A. Helliwell about their biggest litter.


Only a few singular music events have shaped an entire generation and acted like a beacon for many decades. The festival on the inconspicuous pastures of a dairy farmer in Bethel, 70 kilometres from the eponymous Woodstock, is definitely one of them. The film is cult. The large travelling exhibition "Elliott Landy Woodstock Vision. 50 Years Woodstock. The Exhibition" now reports once again about the magic days in August '69, when the hippie spirit was at its zenith.

KING CRIMSON - Robert Fripp holds court in London

Robert Fripp speaks. He hasn't done that for a long time - at least not with the press. But on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his life's work King Crimson, the odd master guitarist has invited media representatives from several countries to London. To a mixture of panel discussion, press conference and personnel show, which took place according to his rules. eclipsed was there.

POPOL VUH - outsider among outsiders

Popol Vuh are regarded as Krautrock, but the German group around their mastermind Florian Fricke has always been an outsider among outsiders. From 1970 until Fricke's death in 2001 she released 20 albums. Five of them - "Affenstunde" (1970), "Hosianna Mantra" (1972), "Einsjäger & Siebenjäger" (1975) as well as the soundtracks for the Werner Herzog films "Aguirre" (1975) and "Nosferatu" (1978) - will now be re-released individually on CD and in a five LP box.


After two years of work, Seven Steps To The Green Door publish the second part of their saga about the mysterious Samuel and his search for his past. In order for the listeners to fully understand the concept, the band requires them to get to grips with the story before listening to the album.

ISILDURS BANE & PETER HAMMILL - At the Amazon Basin with colleagues

Two years after their collaboration with Steve Hogarth, Isildurs Bane dare to start another cooperation. This time they make common cause with Van der Graaf Generators mythical Peter Hammill. The lone wolf is known for only entering into musical collaborations in exceptional cases. With "In Amazonia" the Englishman and the Swedes have presented a wonderfully complicated, demanding album.

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO - After 15 comes 14

After guitarist Rodolfo Maltese died in 2015 and singer Francesco Di Giacomo died in a car accident the year before, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso seemed to be history. But now - after 15 years without new recordings - the progressive rock formation founded in 1969 unexpectedly presents their 14th studio album with "Transiberiana". So it's all back to the beginning?

THE WATERBOYS - The Freewheelin' Mike Scott

Waterboys boss Mike Scott is what you call a real type: an indestructible loner, idealist, romantic and do-gooder. One who doesn't care about commercial success, who does everything to be unpredictable. But also one who possesses great entertainer qualities and enjoys a high reputation among his colleagues. Now he presents his 13th band album - and enthuses about Bootlegs, Burg Herzberg and The Clash.

THE OUTSIDE - On the Death of Scott Walker

Scott Walker is dead. Is that even possible? Isn't he one of those legendary figures, known only from the Bible or medieval verses, who rise again and again after each death? A musical phoenix of modern times? The Austrian-Israeli writer Max Brod wrote that death was a temporary state of weakness. With Scott Walker, this seems to be true in more ways than one.

OKTA LOGUE - Above the sound clouds

Okta Logue, first released nine years ago with an album release, is now an institution in the German rock scene. Their catchy, wonderfully arranged songs bridge the gap between folk, indie and progressive psychedelic pop. On their fourth album "Runway Markings", the quartet has further honed their sound with the help of producer Johann Scheerer.

NEAL MORSE reaps the fruits of his sustained creative flight and delivers a rock opera about the work of Jesus

It took ten years for "Jesus Christ The Exorcist" to see the light of day. No wonder, because mammoth projects with the Flying Colors, Transatlantic and the Neal Morse Band drove the music-obsessed just as much around as solo tours.

Six years after his death a first album with songs from the estate of J.J. CALE is released

Most managers talk about "clients" or "artists." Mike Kappus, on the other hand, speaks of his "friend". Because the relationship the 68-year-old now had with J.J. Cale was unique. "He was a real unicum," says the San Francisco-based manager and producer, who has also worked with John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison. "It was often not easy to run his business, because he had no telephone and could hardly be reached. But I consider myself lucky to have known him."

Far away from the progmetal of TesseracT, DANIEL TOMPKINS experiments with new sounds on his solo debut

Electronic pop is a red rag for many progheads - especially when remixes come into play. Daniel Tompkins, as the singer of TesseracT one of the most important protagonists of the modern prog scene, was not prevented from steering in exactly this direction with his first solo album "Castles".

Bluesrocker KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD is on the road a lot and has a lot to tell

"Louisiana's Finest" Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been one of the established ones for several years now. The former blues guitar wonder child was something like the superstar of the blues rock scene in the nineties and noughties. Even when these times are long gone, Forty-Something still has a loyal audience and likes to play live. The new record "The Traveler" is a mature work of the fivefold father, which he presents as headliner and special guest of Beth Hart in Germany from the end of June.

The guitar duo RODRIGO Y GABRIELA have come out of their five-year break with an acoustic version of "Echoes"

The Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela never made a secret of their love for classic rock. On the contrary, his versions of "Stairway To Heaven" and Metallicas "Orion" have been an integral part of his live set for years. Now Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero Pink Floyd's milestone "Echoes" is a highlight of their comeback album "Mettavolution"

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