The current issue / eclipsed No. 213 / 09-2019

THE BEATLES - With last strength: 50 years "Abbey Road"

On 26 September 1969 the Beatles released their last album recorded together: "Abbey Road". An amazing work full of surprises. Above all, however, it was a miracle that the group, shaken by quarrels and financial imponderables, had come together again and recorded a record together. A record that can confidently be seen as the quintessence of the groundbreaking formation's work. eclipsed is once again on the lookout for clues on the 50th anniversary of the release of "Abbey Road".

TOOL - "It sounds like Tool, 13 years later"

"The long awaited album of..." - one of the most popular phrases of label promoters to pretend interest in artists where there is often none. Different with Tool: With a new work by the Alternative Progmetal act, the expectations are indeed immense. Tool are a mystery, their lyrics, artwork and music are the subject of devoted discussions among supporters of the US quartet. Tools' fifth album, "Fear Inoculum", is now being released, and at once a host of new material will be released, plunged into its complex symbols.

NEW MODEL ARMY - Fantasy Island

A new album from New Model Army is always an event. The English band released a live recording in 2018, on which practically only the concert visitors can be heard. For the new studio work "From Here" the quintet retreated to the Norwegian island of Giske to arrange and record the songs in great seclusion. "Everything was allowed," bandleader Justin Sullivan tells us.

MAGMA - The Day of Erasure

Magma, the spiritual vanguard and envoy of the planet Kobaïa, are back. The message they have to deliver to us is stored on a digital recording called "Zëss". With the content of "Zëss" mankind should have been made known decades before. But adverse circumstances and unfavorable star constellations prevented this. But now we can connect with "Zëss" and listen to the further course of the Kobaïa mythology. Maybe even the end?

MARK KNOPFLER - The Misunderstood One

He's considered a sleeping pill, a buzzkill, a stubborn buck. And Mark Knopfler is actually more of a ponderous sort. He is more a family man than a rock star, he opposes the madness of business prudence and fights with his hands and feet against a Dire Straits reunion. Yet this stubbornness, coupled with idealism and passion, is what makes the man who turned 70 on August 12 so proud. eclipsed congratulates the tall bald man with the dry humour.

GINGER BAKER - Only one drummer

He got his influences from jazz greats like Art Blakey, Max Roach or Elvin Jones. In the sixties he became the first star drummer of rock: Ginger Baker, model of several generations of drummers, turned eighty on August 19th.

JOHN PEEL - The Incorruptible

He didn't play anything from the charts, didn't fulfill any listeners' wishes and never went off in annoying chatter. Instead, John Peel presented artists and songs that other radio presenters would not have touched with pincers. He was the voice of the global underground, the door opener for umpteen cult bands and one of the biggest vinyl junkies the world knows. On 30 August he would have turned 80 - the perfect occasion for a tribute.

SAXON - Eagle in landing approach

"The Eagle Has Landed" for the fourth time in 37 years. Not only this demonstrates the continuing popularity and quality of Saxon as a live act, because the records under the Adlermotto are by far not the only live albums of the band, which is one of the most important representatives of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. eclipsed talked with frontman Peter "Biff" Byford and drummer Nigel Glockler about Saxon's early days and the upcoming concert in Düsseldorf for the 40th anniversary of the band's founding in autumn.

STATUS QUO - A great album that the world doesn't need

"Backbone" is Status Quo's first studio album in eight years. It's not only the first work without Rick Parfitt, but also the best the band has released in decades. But does the world really need a new song collection from Status Quo? eclipsed spoke with the only remaining founding member Francis Rossi as well as with Andy Bown, the longtime keyboarder who almost simultaneously re-released his lost solo album "Unfinished Business" from 2011.

IAMTHEMORNING look in their new work "The Bell" into dark abysses

Since 2010 the chanteuse Marjana Semkina and the piano virtuoso Gleb Kolyadin have been realizing their vision of chamber pop under the name IAMTHEMORNING. Classical sprinkles and artistic exaltedness of the Russian duo are sometimes reminiscent of a Tori Amos or Kate Bush, but also modern prog and alternative rock of the brand Riverside or Oceansize shimmer through. With "The Bell", the two of them present an almost painfully intense concept album in which they play off all their strengths in a thematically exciting context.

The PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS are an unofficial offshoot of Spock's Beard

John Boegehold was previously known as a co-songwriter and guest musician for Spock's Beard. But the multi-instrumentalist from Detroit, who has been living in Los Angeles since 1980, didn't feel that busy. That's why the American, who already liked classical prog bands like ELP, Genesis or Yes as a teenager and later wrote TV and film music, founded his own quartet with Pattern-Seeking Animals. The highlight: Boegehold's band colleagues Ted Leonard, Dave Meros and Jimmy Keegan are current and former members of Spock's Beard.

CHRISSIE HYNDE serves lounge sounds for bikers and frock wearers

"I could bite my way into the buttocks that I even put that word in my mouth," moans Chrissie Hynde on a rainy Thursday morning in the British capital. "Just because I can't get rid of this. Because now everyone thinks I'm playing the trombone or who knows what. No, they're just cover versions of my favorite songs..."

KADAVAR granted eclipsed a first listening impression of their new album "For The Dead Travel Fast"

On October 11th the Berlin band Kadavar releases their fifth album "For The Dead Travel Fast" - the second, which was created in the band's own studio. The guitarist, singer and synthesizer player Christoph "Lupus" Lindemann explained to eclipsed why he is so proud of the result like no other album before.

Devon Allman and Duane Betts take over the heritage of their fathers and write their own chapter of Southern Rock as THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND

"Down To The River" is the name of the debut album of the band by Devon Allman, son of Gregg Allman, and Duane Betts, son of Dickie Betts and named after Duane Allman, who died in 1971. Already in 2018 they were on the road together as Devon Allman Project feat. Duane Betts. In the meantime they have brought on board another son of an Allman Brothers band co-founder, bassist Berry Duane Oakley.

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