The current issue / eclipsed No. 220 / 05-2020

THE BEATLES SOLO - From the Fab Four to four individual artists

Even if a certain lack of direction shaped the Fab Four's solo albums throughout the 70s, their search for their own path also led to unique works of art that would not have been possible in the Beatles context. The appeal of the solo catalogue lies precisely in its incongruity, its breaks and misjudgements, through which the individual musical personalities were able to develop first - now that they had to manage without the support of their band colleagues. At the same time, the history of the solo beatles' artistic creation, which reached its first climax as early as 1970, is also that of a musical dialogue between estranged friends.

RORY GALLAGHER - On the 25th anniversary of the death of the cult guitarist

Twenty-five years ago, on June 14, 1995, Rory Gallagher died. The passionate blues guitarist, singer and songwriter wrote rock history - first with the trio Taste, and from 1971 under his own name. The Irish man's career collapsed in the eighties because he was unable to control his health problems, caused mainly by excessive tablet consumption.

CALIGULA'S HORSE - Get up, walk towards each other! Within

almost ten years Caligula's Horse from Brisbane, Australia have played their way into the prog metal upper league. While the debut "Moments From Ephemeral City" (2011) remained largely unnoticed, the quintet's career gradually took off with the 2013 concept album "The Tide, The Thief & River's End" (at the time our "Album of the Month"). After the change to the InsideOut label, two albums with a broader impact followed with "Bloom" (2015) and "In Contact" (2017). The current work "Rise Radiant" is to be understood as a perseverance slogan - also in view of the Australian bush fires that have just been survived and the still ongoing corona epidemic

KANSAS - Looking back and forward

The 1977 album "Point Of Know Return" is one of KANSAS' masterpieces, just like its predecessor "Leftoverture". In autumn the band plans to visit Germany as part of the "Point Of Know Return Anniversary Tour", so that local fans can experience all the songs of the album classic live for the first time. In addition, there are various hits and fan favourites as well as songs from the new album "The Absence Of Presence", which will be released at the end of June. eclipsed spoke with guitarist Rich Williams (70) and singer Ronnie Platt (58).

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS - Original monsters and creatures of the night

Last year, the US prog band Spock's Beard surprisingly formed a new formation: Pattern-Seeking Animals consists of the two Beard musicians Ted Leonard (vocals and guitar) and Dave Meros (bass) as well as ex-drummer Jimmy Keegan and John Boegehold, who up to now has mainly been a co-singer-songwriter and now acts as composer, keyboarder and producer. Musically close to the mother band, Pattern-Seeking Animals offer more AOR elements and melodies that are catchy

PEARL JAM - Cause for celebration?

They set out to take rock music off its hinges. But after they had succeeded in doing so during the grunge revolt, they backed down and went for total refusal. Now Pearl Jam are celebrating their 30th anniversary - with an album that is disillusioning and raises questions like: Have the Seattle heroes passed their zenith? And: How long will the quintet continue? Reason enough for a look behind the scenes.

KATATONIA - "The mixture of the known and the unexplored drives us"

Almost 30 years have passed since Katatonia from the Stockholm death metal underground blossomed. Founder duo Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström have continued to develop the band's music towards progressive rock and beyond. Their eleventh album "City Burials" stands for tradition as well as for the will to constantly discover new things.

THE BLACK CROWES - Don't Look Back In Anger

Rich and Chris Robinson have been sailing under the same flag again since the end of 2019: The Black Crowes. What was unimaginable just a year ago is now back to everyday life. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their debut album "Shake Your Money Maker", the brothers have put aside their years of animosity and opened a new chapter in the band's history. In the interview, which was written before the Corona crisis, Rich sounds as euphoric as one has seldom heard the band's guitarist and main songwriter in recent years

DAVID BOWIE and MARC BOLAN get together for "The Prettiest Star"

Friends can become competitors, but competitors can also remain friends. This formula may sound paradoxical, but in the case of the two glam stars David Bowie and Marc Bolan, it is extremely true. On 6 March 1970 the single "The Prettiest Star" was released in England. It is to be the glamorous successor to David Bowie's successful single "Space Oddity", which was released in the autumn of the previous year. Another up-and-coming star can be heard on the guitar. But despite the collaboration of David Bowie and Marc Bolan, the single became a disastrous flop with less than 800 copies sold.

ANUBIS present a concept album for shutdown and decelerated home office

In 2004 singer Robert James Moulding and keyboardist David Eaton founded the band Anubis, named after the ancient Egyptian god of death, in Sydney, Australia. They immediately released "230503", a modern prog concept album influenced by Pink Floyd and Co. "Homeless", which is the band's first album to be released on high-quality 190g vinyl, moves in this direction. The question of what can be home in 2020 gains a whole new urgency, not only in view of the worsening climate crisis and poverty worldwide on the one hand, and increasing nationalism and populism in many countries on the other, but especially in the middle of the Corona crisis.

THE ALLIGATOR WINE let the shreds fly completely without guitars

Duos are still quite rare in the history of rock music. But you don't even notice this minimal line-up on their debut album "Demons Of The Mind". Completely without guitars, Thomas Teufel (drums, vocals & percussion) and Rob Vitacca (vocals, organ & synthesizer) let the shreds fly with their mega-groovy retro sound

OTHER LIVES create their original musical cosmos in the country

In times of progressive formatting of almost all areas of art and society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find "uncalculated" music that is not due to the absurd need for search engine optimization or click numbers. The American band Other Lives proves on their new album "For Their Love" that the search for an alternative is still worthwhile

STEVE THORNE deliberately provokes with conspiracy theories critical of science

The Englishman Steve Thorne is a headstrong, non-conformist spirit, but also a strange contemporary. Strongly rooted in the progressive, he combines different styles like folk and indie with it without blinkers, but lets the holy (puristic) Prog-Gral pass by. With his latest album "Levelled - Emotional Creatures: Part 3" he follows up his debut "Emotional Creatures: Part One" (2005) and "Part Two: Emotional Creatures" (2007)

Showcase hard rocker AXEL RUDI PELL proves that he has all the tricks

When guitarist Axel Rudi Pell recorded his 18th studio album in winter - if you don't count "Diamonds Unlocked" with its cover versions - he wouldn't have dreamed that the title "Sign Of The Times" would come across as particularly pregnant with meaning in these Corona times. All live activities are on hold for now. "When you have a new album out, you naturally want to get out to present it live. In normal mode we would already be in the middle of the first part of the tour. We have now postponed it for one year. So the planned second part in October and November will be Part One. At least I hope so..."

Freundschaft and sense of belonging are FINAL CONFLICTS Trümpfe

"It's a strange time talking about music Steve Lipiec, keyboarder of the English neo-prog band Final Conflict is surely right when he says that there are more important things than talking about rock music. The interview with eclipsed falls on a day when disturbing figures about the Corona situation in England become known. Only very slowly, therefore, does the interview develop as originally planned. His band Final Conflict, who released their album "The Rise Of The Artisan" in January, is also suffering from the crisis, ...

THE DREAM SYNDICATE goes on a journey from Dream Pop to Jam Rock

Steve Wynns Dream Syndicate is one of the forefathers of alternative guitar bands. The formation not only influenced the entire Shoegaze scene, but their double guitar front was also the inspiration for Sonic Youth. Wynn himself declared from the beginning that his music would be inspired by Ornette Coleman or John Coltrane. This was not always easy to understand, because these jazz musicians had little to do with guitar rock. But in the five long jams on the new CD "The Universe Within" the connecting line is finally revealed

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