The current issue / eclipsed No. 221 / 06-2020

DEEP PURPLE - The Ezrin Trilogy

When the band members were asked after the release of the 2017 album "Infinite" whether this was the last studio work of DEEP PURPLE, they were still banging around. From the middle of 2019 on, the indications that the quintet would record another album began to gather. After a corona-related delay, "Whoosh!", Deep Purple's 21st studio work, is now scheduled for release on August 7th. It is the third one, directed by producer legend BOB EZRIN. We spoke to Ian Gillan and Ian Paice about the album, their relationship with their producer and the past and future of the band.

KANSAS - Communication in times of distraction

Of the great prog acts of the 1970s, KANSAS is now the only one who still releases studio albums with new material. "The Absence Of Presence", the current longplayer of the American septet, shows that the band is still extremely vital and has not swept its progressive side under the table. Guitarist Zak Rizvi, who has been the band's main songwriter and co-producer for five years, played a major role in the new songs. We reached the man from the US state of New Jersey in the middle of a Corona-related tour break

RINGO STARR - Mr. Love & Peace

Richard Starkey alias Ringo Starr has been in disagreement - and that for decades. For his fans, he is one of the most important drummers in rock history. Between 1962 and 1970, he recorded twelve albums with the Fab Four and sold 600 million copies. "John, Paul, George and Ringo have turned the world upside down," Lemmy von Motörhead once mused. "Just the way people listened to music and thought about rock bands."

LONG DISTANCE CALLING - Much more than just music

Long Distance Calling remain curious. On their new album "How Do We Want To Live?" the German quartet conquers new sound territories and, in addition, treats a number of complex socio-political themes almost without words.


Berlin is fully gentrified. So it's all the more gratifying that the Neubauten are still collapsing: six years after their last album "Lament", Blixa Bargeld and his band will appear on "Alles in Allem" completely purified.

GREEN CARNATION - The game with expectations

The career of Green Carnation was anything but stringent. In 2020, we will (depending on the counting method) already experience its fifth incarnation. But it seems more stable than ever. With their new album "Leaves Of Yesteryear" the Norwegians put a bracket around their creative period since their debut 20 years ago. They are also working on the completion of a major project that has been lying idle for a long time. Together with singer Kjetil Nordhus we look into the band's past and future.

WHITESNAKE - "Nobody fires a lord!"

40 years ago David Coverdale made the step back to the big stages and into the charts with Whitesnake. His way there was paved by the album "Ready An' Willing" with the hit "Fool For Your Loving" and the live release "Live For Your Loving". In The Heart Of The City". In the course of two conversations, the first of which took place before the Corona pandemic, the second in the middle of the lockdown, Old Cov remembered his fellow musicians of the time and revealed himself as a passionate mixtape composer...

TRAUMHAUS - Double blessing

Seven years after their last work "Das Geheimnis", the Hessian prog quartet releases a new album. It is called "In Oculis Meis" and has in common with the last Opeth-Opus not only that it has a Latin title, but also that it is available in a mother tongue as well as an English version. The latter is a novelty for Traumhaus. We talked to front man Alexander Weyland about the new opus.

On their new album "Virus" HAKEN talk about a disease for which there will probably never be a vaccine

In the middle of the Corona crisis Haken release an album called "Virus" as if they had a premonition of the upcoming pandemic. Lyrically extremely exciting, it follows an extremely hard and uncompromising path musically. Does the band put their prog claim on the back burner with this? Which virus got Haken there?

CRYPTEX write their own western musical with the album "Once Upon A Time"

In Lower Saxony they are shooting musically sharp lately! The band around singer and pianist Simon Moskon thinks in large format. Their progressive folk is putting the pedal to the metal. "Once Upon A Time" lives up to its name as a musical spaghetti western with a lot of pathos, harshness and queen-like choirs. The third album of the North German trio is his most elaborately produced work so far. How much western ethos and campfire romanticism is in "Once Upon A Time"?

On her new album "Masters Of Illusion" MAGENTA pays tribute to great actors of the horror movie

Who does not remember the pleasant shiver when watching old "Dracula", "Frankenstein" or Edgar Allan Poe movies? The horrifying "grimaces" of Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee or Vincent Price are etched in the collective memory. Now the Welsh band Magenta is dedicating an album to these eerie mimes.

The band history of the MOVING OOS is as complicated as it is strange

The Moving Oos were already quite successful in the first decade of the new millennium, but for some inexplicable reason and after three albums, they have taken leave in 2010. The fact that the three main musicians Per Borten, Frank Reppen and Haakon-Marius Pettersen do not reinvent rock'n roll on the side or full-time with bands like Spidergawd or Cadillac, Blood On Wheels and Turbonegro, but they do make it a little more interesting and exciting, may have been one of many reasons for the end of the band. In 2019 there was a reunion, ...

The Death-Gospel-High Priestess LOUISE LEMÓN lives out her wild side

The Swedish Louise Lemón is a charming and highly sensitive young lady, but without doubt as a painfully intense artist she is also a real drama queen. It is not for nothing that the press awarded her the title "Queen of Death Gospel". Her soul life, which she likes to reveal with her music, resembles a constant exorcism - to drive out her own inner demons, which make especially the love life so difficult. On her current EP, appropriately titled "Devil", you can be a witness to this "exorcism".

GLASS HAMMER dream their prog fantasy world amidst corona crisis and tornado impacts

Most recently, the Americans Steve Babb and Fred Schendel had great success with their project Glass Hammer. The genre-ironic story about the time-traveling prog nerd Tom on "Chronomonaut" (2018), for example, amused the otherwise sometimes very serious retroprog fan community. Now Glass Hammer return to their roots. Already their 1993 debut "Journey Of The Dunadan" was inspired by Tolkien. On "Dreaming City" the "Sword & Sorcery" factor (subgenre of fantasy literature) is now also extremely high. And also musically they have come up with some new ideas. In any case, everything is ready for the prog round table.

The LARKIN POE sisters release their first album on their own label

With their pithy lap-steel, slide and acoustic guitars the two sisters Megan (31) and Rebecca (29) Lovell already accompanied Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Bob Seger or country superstar Keith Urban and made their songs swing powerfully. But the musical epicentre of the two Graces from Atlanta, Georgia, who have been calling Nashville their home for quite some time now, is their own project Larkin Poe. The "soulmates", as Megan and Rebecca like to call themselves, have always been docile students of the original blues

Paul Banks' new band MUZZ does not want to be a supergroup

It is not new that Paul Banks likes to have a series of flings alongside his band Interpol. But he seems to be serious about his new project Muzz. Besides Banks, the group consists of drummer Matt Barrick from The Walkman and the Fleet Foxes and guitarist Josh Kaufman from the folk band Bonny Light Horseman. All three musicians have known each other for a long time...

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