The current issue / eclipsed No. 222 / 07-08-2020

1970 - Awakening in a year of ruins

When the last calendar page of the Woodstock year 1969 was torn off, the dreams of the Love & Peace generation were already lying on the floor like broken toys. For one thing was clear: a new society could not be built with all-embracing love and mind-expanding drugs alone. Nevertheless, the impulses of youth rebellion continued to have an effect and gradually changed the culture of the Western world.

BOB DYLAN - Legend with many facets

Bob Dylan's back. Eight years after "Tempest", his last album with his own songs, the Nobel Prize winner presents, seemingly out of nowhere, a new work that hardly anyone had expected. After three tiring American Songbook albums, "Rough And Rowdy Ways" is also a qualitative surprise: a multi-layered, thoroughly successful late work by someone who has remained young forever.

BLUES PILLS - "We think that we now know exactly what we want ourselves"

A band has found itself new: "Holy Moly!" is the third longplayer of the Blues Pills, and this time they had the ambition and the know-how to do and produce almost everything themselves. In two phone calls with frontwoman Elin Larsson at the beginning of the year and a few weeks ago, they not only talked about the new album to be released on August 21st, but also about the departure of guitarist Dorian Sorriaux and his band-internal successor.

GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA - Under high voltage

Just in time for their 20th anniversary, Gösta Berling's Saga expands their squad from four to five members: The Stockholm-based group's new album also features percussionist Jesper Skarin, who has previously appeared on the band's live performances. As a result, the Brachial-Progger's sixth studio album places even more emphasis on rhythm and dynamics: The body of sound is draining, errant, dramatic, explosive..

STEVE HOWE - Old hippie ideals with new topicality

Yes, the Corona crisis has also thwarted the calculation: Their "Relayer" tour had to be postponed until spring 2021. At least now guitarist Steve Howe shortens the waiting time with his new solo album "Love Is". In the interview he talked about love of the earth as a life principle, Alexander von Humboldt and his pleasure in using his voice in addition to his guitar.

URIAH HEEP - Forever 49

Uriah Heep belong to the founding generation of British hard rock alongside Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and UFO. Had it been up to the US-American "Rolling Stone", the band would not have even made it to the end of the historic rock year 1970 - that's how devastating the critique of the influential magazine was about their debut album "Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble"...

PAUL WELLER - Father Time

He has experienced and survived punk rock, neo-soul, britpop and EDM. Now, at 62, the former boss of The Jam and The Style Council wants to know once again: "On Sunset" is the most versatile and perhaps the most courageous album of his career - a homage to a time when there was still vigorous dancing on weekends, David Bowie gave the chameleon and Bond films were set to music by British artists.

SPARKS - "We still have no idea how to produce a record or write a song"

You can't help it! The two Mael brothers, better known as Sparks (alluding to the Marx Brothers), once again tease the music world with their album "A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip". Now in their eighth decade of life, they are still among the most creative minds in progressive pop music.

TELL IN ROCK - Media once mercilessly destroyed the musical about the Swiss national hero

An outcry of indignation went through Switzerland in the summer of 1977: on 31 July of all days, on the eve of the Swiss National Day, the musical "Tell!" premiered in Zurich - a modern, rocky version of the story about the national hero of the Swiss Confederates. After only one month, Tell Musical AG - Udo Jürgens was one of the shareholders - had to pull out all the stops: The negative press response was too strong, the audience stayed away...

THE RESIDENTS - The Great Blues Swindle

Who are the Residents? With absolute certainty this question will probably never be answered, because they will probably take their secret with them to the grave or have already taken it with them. The Beatles have been mythologized into the group just like Captain Beefheart. Homer Flynn describes himself as the spokesman for the eyeball band, which has been surprising us with one new concept after another since the early 1970s...

AIRBAG describe on their new album a only supposedly relaxed bathing excursion

Pink Floyd were once their initial spark. With their own songs the tribute band The Pink Floyd Experience became airbag from 2004 on. Since then, wonderfully floating sounds in the range between Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Talk Talk came from Oslo. Now the fans hold the first new sign of life of the formation since "Disconnected" (2016) in their hands with "A Day At The Beach"...

SHAMAN ELEPHANT find with the second album to their own musical style

Right at the beginning of Shaman Elephant's second seven-track album, the listener is put into a time machine: "Wide Awake But Still Asleep", the title of the album, rumbles away towards the late 60s and early 70s. We stop at early prog and wild psychedelic, at Scandinavian rock and bizarre dreamy Canterbury sound...

The British prog pioneers CRESSIDA were not allowed to succeed

They smile beaming with joy into the camera: Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth and next to him Kevin McCarthy and Iain Clark, bassist and drummer of Cressida respectively. The joy is justified, as Cressida's performance at the Melloboat Festival in September 2013 was something very special for all three of them, as the group is one of Åkerfeldt's absolute favourites - and in 2013 Cressida's active musical career began more than 40 years ago

RUBBER TEA prepare a fine music mix from proven Prog ingredients

The current prog scene is alive and kicking, as the Bremen-based formation Rubber Tea shows with their debut "Infusion": Canterbury reminiscences, dark crimson sonic clouds and female vocals reminiscent of the Renaissance. Already the album cover with its imaginative colours, psychedelic sunrise as well as animal and fable figures invites to an exciting journey.

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