The current issue / eclipsed No. 223 / 09-2020

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - 50 years of ELP - Prog excesses with classic European roots

"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!" was the motto of the prog power trio. Musical pomp full of virtuosity, made for eternity and with the claim to set a visual mark was his trademark. ELP were thus among the leading pioneers of progressive rock. But what role did they play, especially in the years 1970 to 1973, compared to the other genre founders King Crimson, Genesis, Yes and the art rockers of Pink Floyd? Together with drummer Carl Palmer, the last surviving member of the three, we take a journey through 50 years of ELP history, highlight the unique significance of this great band for rock music, review their most important albums, covers and special tracks and answer the question of what to expect from ELP in the future. Curtain up ..

PETE TOWNSHEND - The Age of Fear: An Art Novel (Exclusive Preprint)

In addition to his main job at The Who, Pete Townshend has earned an extra income as an editor for various publishers. The sideline job turned into a passion which he now crowns with his first novel. "The Age of Fear: An Art Novel" is also intended as the basis for an upcoming rock opera.

NEAL MORSE - From Saul to Paul

The parable of the prodigal son, the life of Martin Luther, finding meaning and faith have already been dealt with by him in concept albums. Neal Morse had been pregnant for quite some time with the idea of writing an album about the proverbial transformation of Saul, the persecutor of Christians, into a follower of Jesus and missionary Paul. After "Sola Scriptura" (2007), "Sola Gratia" is his second album, which is titled with a reformatory principle. As Morse explains in the interview, the trigger for this was an acoustic misunderstanding

Peter Green (1946-2020) - The gentle giant

Next to Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, he was the third great virtuoso of the electric guitar in the 60s: Peter Green became famous with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, founded Fleetwood Mac and gave the world song classics like "Albatross" and "Oh Well". In 1970, after little more than three years, he left the band and only appeared sporadically in the spotlight after that. An obituary for a mentally unstable genius who was one of the greats of the classic rock era.

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - truth? What truth?

"Versions Of The Truth", the thirteenth studio album of The Pineapple Thief, is also the third one with Gavin Harrison on drums. Since the ace of drums has become a permanent member of Bruce Soord's long-lived new art rock band, the sound and arrangements have been refined, the music has become more atmospheric and suspenseful. The new work also invites again to a fascinating journey.

PAIN OF SALVATION - "Our albums work best when you give them time to get under your skin and into your brain"

Three years after the very personally colored "In The Passing Light Of Day" Pain of Salvation again present a modern concept album with depth. On "Panther" bandleader Daniel Gildenlöw develops a unique, fascinating musical and lyrical world, dissecting social erosion zones as usual

NIEDECKENS BAP - Zwesche Corona un Kölsche Dom

The Cologne dialect rock institution BAP also had to take a corona-related time-out. But now the new album "ALLES FLIESST" will finally be released on September 18th. A work as earthy as it is atmospherically dense, which evokes memories of the band's great early works. BAP thinker and director Wolfgang Niedecken himself draws comparisons to "Zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier". On the cover, his gaze wanders from Cologne Cathedral across the Rhine and the river of the world. What is it about the new BAP-Weitblick?

ALLMAN BETTS BAND - United States of Americana

Whether she wants to admit it or not, the Allman Betts Band is becoming the legitimate successor to the Allman Brothers Band. On their second longplayer "Bless Your Heart", they have expanded their musical spectrum with some Americana sounds. As satisfied as frontman Devon Allman is with this, he admits in an interview that his personal taste in music goes far beyond that.

Jimi Hendrix - LIVE 1970

"Six, five, four, three, two, one. "On behalf of the Fillmore family, a very, very happy new year! It's January 1, 1970, 0:2 a.m. Jimi & Co. take the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" from the Guy Lombardo Orchestra Conserve - highly melodic, not sawing through - and let it groove into "Who Knows". Jimi Hendrix's stage life had always been a kaleidoscope of highlights until then...

THE ELECTRIC FAMILY - "Album titles are not very important"

The Electric Family was formed in Bremen in 1996 for a performance at the Burg Herzberg Festival: singer and songwriter Tom "The Perc" Redecker gathered some well-known protagonists of the German music scene around him, including former rough-cut keyboardist Volker Kahrs, Amon-Düül-II percussionist Dieter Serfas, multi-instrumentalist Harry Payuta, guitarist Jochen Schoberth and drummer Torsten Glade. In 1997 the project released its debut "Family Show". But it was not until two years later that the follow-up album "Tender" was launched, both creatively and commercially...

JON ANDERSON has completed his all-star project "1000 Hands" after three decades

Again and again lost albums haunt the annals of rock history, many of them unheard to this day (such as "Black Gold" by Jimi Hendrix). Some of them were only released in parts or new versions (famous examples: "Smile" by the Beach Boys, Pink Floyd's "Household Objects" or "Lifehouse" by The Who). Some of these mythical records, however, still see the light of day many decades later. So Neil Young unleashed "Hitchhiker" and "Homegrown" on the world after more than 40 years. Now the former Yes-singer Jon Anderson is catching up after 30 years, his legendary project "Uzlot" came true.

With "The Red Planet" RICK WAKEMAN presents another instrumental prog album

Mars has always fascinated people - whether it is the question of life on the fourth planet of our solar system or its possible colonisation. Expeditions to the Red Planet seem to be getting closer, and Rick Wakeman has also caught the Mars fever. So much so that after several albums on which the piano was the focus of attention, the keyboardist has not only found his way back to his prog roots, but has also recorded his probably best solo work in many years. He tells in an interview what made him do this.

Arjen Lucassen fulfils several dreams with the new AYREON album "Transitus

"Our genre is often described as 'progressive', which for me means always breaking new ground and experimenting musically," says the now 60-year-old Lucassen, looking back on the genesis of "Transitus". "In the true prog spirit, I wanted to try something completely different from a typical Ayreon album, I wanted to do something more theatrical, almost like a musical, and of course I took the opportunity to let my favourite rock operas such as 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Tommy', 'War of the Worlds' and 'The Wall' serve as inspiration

With THE TANGENT, the private and personal cannot be separated from the political

Andy Tillison is the mastermind behind The Tangent. Even though the British singer and keyboardist always emphasizes that without his fellow musicians Jonas Reingold (bass), Theo Travis (saxophone and flute), Luke Machin (guitar) and Steve Roberts (drums) the sound of the band would sound completely different. But the fact is that 61-year-old Tillison works out all the compositions at home. In the studio they are then given the finishing touches as a collective. This also happened with the current 11th studio album "Auto Reconnaissance".

The band ALL THEM WITCHES achieves much more with one man less

Although music has much in common with mathematics, sometimes the art of sound confidently defies mathematical laws. An example of this is the American band All Them Witches. On their last album they performed as a quartet with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, on the new CD "Nothing As The Ideal" they lost the keyboard player, and yet they sound fuller and more diverse than ever before

JG THIRLWELL and SIMON STEENSLAND explore macro and micro worlds on "Oscillospira

The New York-based Australian JG Thirlwell has regularly released exciting records between postpunk, experimental rock and noise since the early 1980s, for example with his one-man project Foetus and with Wiseblood. He has also made a name for himself as a classical composer (e.g. for the Kronos Quartet) and as a remixer (e.g. for Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails). His current album "Oscillospira", which he recorded with the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Simon Steensland, is now possibly his most impressive and fuses avant-garde prog with modern chamber music

With their debut, the English newcomers ANOTHER SKY rehearse the uprising

It was overdue: Another Sky from London are the first band of the Generation Fridays For Future/Brexit/Black Lives Matter generation to get a contract with a major label and use this platform to make their views heard - just like the folkbards of the American civil rights movement and the punk rockers of the 70s did: They serve up protest music for the army of the young frustrated

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