The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 80

20. January 2015


COLOUR HAZE - Everywhere (alternative mix) (8:38)
Album: To The Highest Gods We Know (2015)
Label/Distribution: Elektrohasch/Sonic Rendezvous

Also on the new COLOUR HAZE album, all the beloved trademarks of the Munich stoner rockers are represented. Exciting licks that become grippy riffs. Slow rhythms that grow into forward-pushing grooves. And as in the "Everywhere" presented here a remarkable guitar line.

GOV'T MULE - One Of These Days (live) (6:13)
Album: Dark Side Of The Mule (2014)
Label/Distribution: Provogue/Rough Trade

The definitive update to the Pink-Floyd classic, straight and compact. On "Dark Side Of The Mule" Warren Haynes & Co. leave everything as it is and vary the originals only in nuances. But just because of that they power up the songs incredibly. A highlight among the numerous tributes of Gov't Mule. (Review: eclipsed 12/2014)

ARCHIVE - Black And Blue (3:42)
Album: Restriction (2015)
Label/Distribution: Dangervisit/[PIAS] Cooperative/Rough Trade

ARCHIVE have (as always) evolved again. With a prominent female voice on the one hand the role backwards to the beginnings, on the other hand more noise and heavy trip-rock, plus lounge-pop and electro. All in all less bombast, but more club feeling. "Black And Blue" thunders hymnally out of the boxes. (Review: eclipsed 12/2014)

SYLVAN - Shine (single version) (4:03)
Album: Home (2015)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

The Hamburg band SYLVAN has been delivering great albums ever since it was founded. "Home" fits in seamlessly here. Or is it even one of their best yet? It's almost as magical as Gazpacho's, with wonderful melodies and spherical parts, but also gripping harder passages. (RELEASE DATE: 20.02.)

BEARDFISH - Hold On (7:45)
Album: +4626-COMFORTZONE (2015)
Label/Distribution: Insideout/Universal

After the fantastic "The Void" follows another milestone of the Swedish Retro-Progger. With echoes of its predecessor, but also of its previous top work "Destined Solitaire", "Hold On" leaves no progfan's eye dry. Progrock-Artrock-Amalgam of first class quality, full of atmosphere and turbulence. Album of the month!

SOEN - Kuraman (5:23)
Album: Tellurian (2014)
Label/Distribution: spinefarm/Universal

Former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and his three comrades-in-arms are more than just a consolation for impatient tool fans with their second album. But with strong melodies, cool sound details and clever arrangements they also know how to set their very own convincing scent marks. (Review: eclipsed 11/2014)

DIABLO BLVD - Son Of Cain (4:12)
Album: Follow The Deadlights (2015)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast

On their third studio album, the Belgians continued to refine their heavy rock sound with a dark basic attitude and a great desire for catchy melodies with 80s flair in the style of The Cult. A pinch of Metallica and a hint of Volbeat ensure that the brew remains tasty for hard rockers.

SIMEON SOUL CHARGER - The Prince Of Wands (edit) (4:59)
Album: A Trick Of Light (2015)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

So far SIMEON SOUL CHARGER have been known for their rousing live performances. But on their new silver album "A Trick Of Light" the exiled Americans living in Freising have managed to rekindle the atmosphere of their gigs in the studio and record it for posterity.

TUNE - Change (4:17)
Album: Identity (2014)
Label/Distribution: Dust On The Tracks/SPV

On their second album TUNE have reshuffled their musical cards, especially by reducing the prog part and shortening the songs. The result is Artrock-like tracks with a lot of atmosphere and borrowings from David Bowie, Pink Floyd but also from Indie-Pop and Alternative Rock. (Review: eclipsed 12/2014)

FAI BABA - New York City (8:35)
Album: The Savage Dreamer (2015)
Label/Distribution: A Tree In The Fields/Broken Silence

Fabian Sigmund with the beautiful Indian artist name Fai Baba comes from Switzerland. Musically, absolute cosmopolitanism is the order of the day. He presents himself as an ecstatic border crosser between blues-soaked garage rock, indie folk and emotional lo-fi ballads with an open ear for psychedelic moments.