ASIA - Waiting for Wetton

25. June 2015


ASIA - Waiting for Wetton

Geoff Downes would love to start working on a new Asia album right away. But he's currently hanging in the air again. His songwriting partner, singer/bassist John Wetton, has just been operated on. A tumor weighing almost a kilo was pulled out of him. So the live document "Axis XXX Live San Francisco" from the last tour with Steve Howe of the band fits well into the stuff.

eclipsed: How's John?

Geoff Downes: You have to wait and see. It is important to me as a friend that he gets fit again so that he can enjoy his life. And as his partner at Asia I hope that he will be able to work on new songs with me again in the near future. Asia without him is hard for me to imagine.

eclipsed: With your other band, yes, you don't seem to think so?

Downes: Yes must look like a numb bunch from the outside. Jon [singer Jon Anderson; note] was ill for a while, and is replaced by Benoît [David]. As soon as he puts down a few weaker shows due to illness, another Jon [Davison] is standing on the mat. Chris [bassist Chris Squire] always stresses that everyone is replaceable.

eclipsed: Consequently, due to his leukaemia, he himself was replaced by Billy Sherwood on the upcoming North American tour.

Downes: A cancellation of the US tour with Toto was not a question for financial reasons alone. But then we will wait to see if and when Chris will be healthy again in order to plan future activities.

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