FATES WARNING "I'll keep the answers to myself."

22. June 2016

Fates Warning

FATES WARNING "I'll keep the answers to myself."

Just a few days ago Jim Matheos returned home from Germany to the USA. The "Awaken The Guardian" anniversary show with ex-Fates warning singer John Arch at the "Keep It True" festival was a triumphal procession. Now it's time for the promotion tour of the new album. In conversation, the descendant of Greek immigrants proves once again that he belongs to the introverted representatives of his guild, yet this time the guitarist also reveals unusual facets of his personality.

eclipsed: Jim, first let's share your impressions of the Keep It True gig.

Jim Matheos: That was a real ox tour for us. We flew out here in the USA on Wednesday evening and arrived in Germany on Thursday afternoon, rehearsed one day, played the show on Saturday and went home again on Sunday. That was pretty exhausted, but the incredibly emotional reactions of the fans were worth it. I could enjoy the show and didn't have to think too much.

eclipsed: How long did the preparations take?

Matheos: The first rehearsals were already very special, very strange, because we were in the same rehearsal room where we had rehearsed in the eighties. That was in September 2015.

eclipsed: Ten years ago, a show like that would have been impossible. At that time it seemed as if you didn't want anything more to do with the album. Have you made your peace with Awaken The Guardian?

Matheos: That may be a little overstated. I'm far from ashamed of myself. But I prefer to look forward and not back, that's why this impression may have been created. But it was still important for me to revive this time and these songs with the guys who are still my friends.

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