GOTTHARD find back to old form and surprise with new tones

24. April 2014

Gotthard neues Album

GOTTHARD find back to old form and surprise with new tones

When Gotthard frontman Steve Lee was killed in a traffic accident in the USA in 2010, the Swiss hard rock heroes first had to think about their own future. Almost two years later they dared a cautious new beginning with singer Nic Maeder on "Firebirth", whereby Maeder's vocal talent already appeared. Now the Swiss go one step further on the bear-strong follow-up album "Bang!", in which they show themselves from their rockiest side and only sporadically sprinkle in ballads.

Guitarist Freddy Scherer is very relieved that the band chemistry has developed so splendidly and explains the title of the record as follows: "Gotthard always had short and ambiguous titles. What you mean by 'Bang!' is for everyone to decide for themselves, but it reminds of the Big Bang, arouses sexual associations and sounds explosive." Scherer sees the main difference to "Firebirth" in the fact that the new album "sounds more positive, lighter and more relaxed. Firebirth was under a lot of pressure because we didn't know what was coming."

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