GOTTHARD still work precisely like a Swiss clockwork

01. April 2020

GOTTHARD funktionieren immer noch präzise wie ein Schweizer Uhrwerk

In hard rock circles the Swiss band enjoyed a good reputation from the very beginning. It basically took on the heritage of Tea and Krokus. Their grandiose cover version of "Hush" (Joe South song in deep-purple version) was long their calling card. Leo Leoni as guitarist and singer Steve Lee were since then set as a trump card in the nineties hard rock circus. When Steve died in a motorcycle accident in the USA in 2010, the Gotthard universe was shaken violently. After a year later a replacement was found in Nic Maeder, the question arose for a moment whether the band would really manage to continue on a similar high level ... and they did. The new album is now simply and aptly titled "#13".

eclipsed: New album, new luck? The "13" - is that a lucky number for you? And what is the special thing about the new album for you?

eclipsed No. 160 / 5-2014

09. September 2014

Whole Lotta Phallus

It was pure sex, above all. Along with Jimmy Page's ubiquitous guitar and John Bonham's powerful drums, he seemed to be the driving force in the Led Zeppelin cosmos. Their highly potent and vibrant hardrock seemed like a permanent penis to the audience of the late sixties and early seventies.

Number 4 lives!

GOTTHARD find back to old form and surprise with new tones

24. April 2014

GOTTHARD find back to old form and surprise with new tones

When Gotthard frontman Steve Lee was killed in a traffic accident in the USA in 2010, the Swiss hard rock heroes first had to think about their own future. Almost two years later they dared a cautious new beginning with singer Nic Maeder on "Firebirth", whereby Maeder's vocal talent already appeared. Now the Swiss go one step further on the bear-strong follow-up album "Bang!", in which they show themselves from their rockiest side and only sporadically sprinkle in ballads.