GREENLEAF - Forest and meadow rocker de luxe

17. February 2016

Greenleaf Dozer Underground

GREENLEAF - Forest and meadow rocker de luxe

After an extremely long run-up, a project initiated in 1999 finally became the established band Greenleaf. This became apparent at the latest when singer Arvid Jonsson joined "Trails & Passes" (2014). Almost 15 years earlier, the friendly musicians Tommi Holappa (Dozer guitarist), Daniel Lidén (Demon Cleaner drummer), Lowrider singer Peder Bergstrand and Dozer/Lowrider/Demon Cleaner producer Bengt Bäcke, who wanted to play bass, had simply wanted to let off steam elsewhere.

It wasn't necessarily a matter of distinguishing themselves from the Stoner regular bands, but rather the desire to make music with some other buddies that drove them. After Daniel Lidén moved to the Dozer camp, three Dozer musicians played with Greenleaf, as their singer Frederik Nordin had also played with them since their debut album (2000). It was typical for a "project", however, that the personnel carousel was constantly turning: Oskar Cedermalm from the Truckfighters took over the vocals for two albums ("Agents Of Ahriman" and "Nest Of Vipers"), for example, without having any ambitions to get permanently involved with Greenleaf.

While Lowrider and Demon Cleaner were finally dissolved, Greenleaf stayed active, recorded an album every now and then and played a gig. But Holappa & Co. still didn't seem to be serious for a long time - despite all the fantastic reviews that suggested that Greenleaf recorded better music on vinyl and CD than their respective home bands. It wasn't until Arvid came into the boat that the tide turned. "Of course I like the thought that Greenleaf became a band with me," smiles Mr. Jonsson via Skype. The rapid succession of the last two albums also speaks volumes: "That's true, Greenleaf now have a different significance for all involved. And the new album and the next tour should make it even easier for us to distribute the ghost side project."

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