HAWKWIND - This is your Captain speaking

25. May 2016


HAWKWIND - This is your Captain speaking

The man's in a good mood. He has a good time, owns a farm in the English county of Devon. His wife Kris, his dogs and other "amenities" around him. No wonder that he seems deeply relaxed, laughs just as often as he speaks, does not always hit the core of the questions with his answers. After all, he'll soon be seventy-five. He knows the past very well, and the future does not seem to affect him.

eclipsed: You've just completed a tour of England. How are you now?

Dave Brock: Thanks for asking. Kris, my dogs and I are sitting here in the garden of our farm. The weather is fine, jazz music plays in the background. We drink wine and smoke marijuana. The dogs, of course not. So I'm fine.

eclipsed: On the tour you put the new album in the spotlight. How'd it go?

Brock: Very good. It's a great story from E.M. Forster. A story about machines that control people's lives. Even if the story is already one hundred years old, it is still very topical. All our lives are determined by machines and computers. Our lighting technician orchestrated our music wonderfully. We've filmed some shows. I must say, it looks spectacular. Oh, God, when you get old, you say those things about yourself.

eclipsed: You're not getting old.

Brock: That's what you say. I remember my father, who always said, "Son, you come to my age first. Then you know how it is."

eclipsed: The new album is full of energy and creativity. Where do you get these?

Brock: Hey Kris, where do I get all this energy? Kris had the idea to use this story as a concept. We had a goal with that. It was a challenge, but also a lot of fun, to implement it.

eclipsed: Your interest in sci-fi literature is well known.

Brock: I have read masses of sci-fi books. The last one was Matt Haig's "The Humans". It's an interesting story.

eclipsed: Is there a sci-fi movie for which you would have liked to write the soundtrack?

Brock: Yeah, Blade Runner. There are some Hawkwind fans who listen to our album "It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous" on "Blade Runner". That actually fits well. Fantastic when the camera zooms into the city and the hunt starts.

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