JETHRO TULL - Dance the days and dance the nights away

27. November 2014

Jethro Tull

JETHRO TULL - Dance the days and dance the nights away

For Ian Anderson, "Warchild" is an important album despite all the prophecies of doom. As with its predecessors, Steven Wilson carried out the sound restoration work here. The recently hyperactive Tull leader is once again enthusiastic about his abilities as a studio tinkerer, but expects to soon have to look for a new remastering partner, as he reveals in a good mood.

eclipsed: Also "Warchild" now appears remixed and with numerous bonus tracks. An album, which, with all due respect, compared to "Thick As A Brick" or "A Passion Play", is clearly of a lower quality.

Ian Anderson: I don't see it that way. "Warchild" is a very good album with fantastic songs, and I stress the word songs. Unlike our predecessors, we had again recorded a record in which we lined up individual pieces that did not have a special concept. The conditions of creation may make the album appear as a by-product, but that's by no means what it is.

eclipsed: You are referring to two events: the failed Chateau D'isaster recordings that took place in the run-up to "A Passion Play" and an unrealised film.

Anderson: Exactly, from said sessions some tracks have landed in revised form on "Warchild". But much more important was the idea with the film. Like it was then, I wanted to make a film. After I had calculated what all this would cost and how long it would take to get the film to the cinema, I quickly let it go. I didn't find a suitable director either; in retrospect Terry Gilliam would have been my dream candidate. I discarded the project and put the tracks I conceived for it on an album.

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