LUNATIC SOUL - Eclipse of the soul

27. November 2014

Lunatic Soul Riverside

LUNATIC SOUL - Eclipse of the soul

He wanders between two worlds, two hearts beating in his chest. This becomes clear when Mariusz Duda answers the phone: "Hello, here is Mariusz from... ah... Lunatic Soul or Riverside". Short confusion on the Polish side of the line, followed by a short laugh on both sides. It's about Lunatic Soul this time - and about the new album, which presents itself with dark, trance-like art rock.

eclipsed: "Walking On A Flashlight Beam" is the first Lunatic-Soul album with a colored cover and a real title. Does that symbolize that you've opened a new chapter?

Mariusz Duda: I hope so. On the one hand I wanted to keep my characteristic style, on the other hand I wanted to enter new terrain. Nevertheless, the album is connected to its two predecessors. The content is something like the prehistory of the first album. It's the story of a man before his birth.

eclipsed: The sound has shifted, more electronics, more industrial sounds.

Duda: Maciej Szelenbaum is no longer on board. I am very grateful for the cooperation on the first albums. So I needed a replacement for all the flutes and congas. I decided to replace it with pure electronics. I bought keyboards and learned to play them.

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