MARIUSZ DUDA goes in search of electronic traces of his youth

05. July 2022

MARIUSZ DUDA begibt sich auf Elektronik-Spurensuche in seine Jugendzeit

It was not easy to get Mariusz Duda on the microphone during the last months. Already during the U.S. tour of Riverside various appointments fell through, another interview appointment failed at the last second because the ship of the "Cruise For The Edge" prog cruise left earlier than planned and sailed into the Internet-free zone. During the subsequent flying visit to South America, a renewed contact with the head of the Polish proggers seemed even more unlikely, so that we reached the 46-year-old only in early June after returning to his home country

RIVERSIDE re-release their emotional debut "Out Of Myself" - and remember

06. April 2021

RIVERSIDE legen ihr emotionales Debüt „Out Of Myself“ neu auf – und erinnern sich

When "Out Of Myself" spills over to Germany via the American label Laserʼs Edge in 2004 and from then on circulates as a real insider tip in the prog scene, the album is already more than a year old ... Together with singer/bassist Mariusz Duda we look back at the early days of Riverside, but first direct the focus on the present and the near future.

eclipsed: Mariusz, how are you dealing with the rigors of the Corona pandemic?

LUNATIC SOUL - Life, Death and Rebirth

15. December 2020

LUNATIC SOUL - Leben, Tod und Wiedergeburt

With "Through Shaded Woods", the new work of his solo project, Riverside singer Mariusz Duda has managed a big surprise. On the last two Lunatic Soul albums he indulged in strongly electronic sounds, but now he comes up with extremely convincing sounds that evoke thoughts of a medieval forest hike: almost classical folk rock, mixed with elements of Scandinavian folk music and pagan metal borrowings.

Since 2008 Mariusz Duda has been turning his soul inside out with the project Lunatic Soul and dedicating himself to the painfully intense exploration of existential crises. In the eclipsed interview, the charming Pole explains the major themes of the new work and the Lunatic Soul album cycle.

eclipsed: With "Through Shaded Woods" you have made a real musical transformation. What made you take this excursion into folk rock, Mariusz?

RIVERSIDE - The new triad

19. November 2018

RIVERSIDE - Der neue Dreiklang

On 21 February 2016 the end of Riverside seemed to be sealed. On this day, guitarist Piotr Grudziński died completely unexpectedly. The 40-year-old darling of the audience played a big part in the success of the band with his lyrical melodies. It seemed impossible to continue the group without him. Two and a half years later, Riverside are no longer the same band. With their new album "Wasteland" they reinvented themselves as a trio. Mariusz Duda, Michał Łapaj and Piotr Kozieradzki are ready to continue their story. It is no less than the rebirth of one of the most important contemporary bands of the scene.

A depressing phase in Mariusz Duda's life has released new creative energies - with Riverside and LUNATIC SOUL

03. July 2018

Eine bedrückende Lebensphase hat bei Mariusz Duda neue kreative Energien freigesetzt – mit Riverside und LUNATIC SOUL

Mid-June. Getting an interview appointment with Mariusz Duda is currently extremely difficult. Since March, Riverside have been at Studio Serakos in Warsaw to work on their seventh album "Waste7and", the first without guitarist Piotr Grudziński, who died in early 2016. The band also has to prepare for three summer festivals. For eclipsed Duda nevertheless takes a lot of time, explains why the current Lunatic Soul album "Under The Fragmented Sky" stands for him "between life and death", and describes how Riverside have reinvented themselves with "Waste7and", which is expected to appear at the end of September.

eclipsed: Mariusz, you always carry your feelings outward with absolute honesty through your music. Your fans appreciate this courage to be vulnerable.

LUNATIC SOUL - The end is approaching

15. November 2017

LUNATIC SOUL - The end is approaching

Mariusz Duda and Riverside are back on track after the difficult year 2016. How happy the 42-year-old musician really is can only be guessed between the lines. During Riverside's ongoing European tour he gives eclipsed insights into the backgrounds - including the emotional ones - of the new Lunatic Soul album.

eclipsed: You explained that you wanted to free me from the events of 2016 - including the death of Riverside founding member Piotr Grudziński - with the new Lunatic Soul recording. Did that work?

eclipsed No. 185 / 11-2016

31. December 2016

PINK FLOYD - The early years

Half a century after the founding of the band and two years after the end of Pink Floyd announced by David Gilmour, the art-rock legend presents "The Early Years 1965-1972", a box full of 27 CDs full of rarities from her early years. We take this publication as an opportunity to recapitulate these eight formative years - the prehistory of a world career. We also let Nick Mason speak in detail about the huge archive box and his memories of that phase.

GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

eclipsed No. 179 / 4-2016

31. December 2016

YES - Denkmalpflege im Akkord

RIVERSIDE - Fear of Silence

26. October 2016

RIVERSIDE - Fear of Silence

Mariusz Duda is no longer the same person that he was on Easter Monday 2014 though. How could he? One of his best friends passed away. At 44. Asleep. The sensitive artist dealt with the loss among other things with the ballad "Towards The Blue Horizon", for which his band Riverside recently won a prog award. Last February, Piotr Grudzińskis's death shook the group to its foundations, and in May Duda also lost his father. Excerpts from a very personal conversation.

eclipsed: Mariusz, you've had an extremely difficult time. I find it very courageous that you have already agreed to interviews again.

PIOTR GRUDZIŃSKI - 15.3.1975 - 21.2.2016

16. March 2016

PIOTR GRUDZIŃSKI - 15.3.1975 - 21.2.2016

There are texts that you are afraid of having to write one day. It never occurred to me that I was forced to formulate an obituary on Piotr Grudziński during my active time as a music journalist. We're practically the same age. But Grudziński died on 21 February. Forty years old. His heart suddenly failed, they say. Like many other music fans, Piotr Grudziński touched me deeply with his playing.