Music From Time And Space Vol. 57

VENNART - Infatuate (5:08)
Album: The Demon Joke
Label/Distribution: Superball/Universal

Mike Vennart, the former Oceansize front man and current tour guitarist of Biffy Clyro, invites on his solo debut to a gripping, quirky and interlaced trip between prog, noise and quiet stuff to breathe a sigh of relief. An extremely artistic sound odyssey that quickly captivates the listener.

SYMPHONY X - Without You (5:50)
Album: Underworld (2015)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

Hardness and melody go into "Underworld" an almost perfect combination. The ninth album of the US Progmetaller turns out to be an extremely carefully balanced and detail-obsessed album, with which Symphony X underpins their rightful claim to the throne of the progressive metal world.

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - The Coma Machine (7:36)
Album: Coma Ecliptic (2015)
Label/Distribution: Metal Blade/Sony

Head cinema of the finest! BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME combine tech metal with jazz and prog rock on their latest prog concept album. High-speed thrash with aggressive growls collide with Pink Floyd atmosphere and King Crimson avant-garde. But singer/keyboarder Tommy Rogers also has an extremely moving singing voice.

GOBLIN REBIRTH - Requiem For X (4:15)
Album: Goblin Rebirth (2015)
Label/Distribution: Relapse/Rough Trade

The successor of the formation Goblin mixes the well known horror soundtracks of this band with massive, weird prog rock à la King Crimson and symphonic passages of the brand Yes. But also spherical moments know how to inspire. An unconventional, but convincing mix not only for movie fans.

LISERSTILLE - Wall Mark (3:51)
Album: Empirical Ghost (2015)
Label/Distribution: G-Records/Rough Trade

Hard guitars, spacy synths, a singer who masters the bowie timbre as well as the highly emotional outburst and the theatrical declamation, and enigmatic lyrics - welcome to the world of Danish art rockers, producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))) - with an extra portion of gloom.

TREMBLING BELLS - Bells Of Burford (7:20)
Album: The Sovereign Self (2015)
Label/Distribution: Tin Angel/Indigo

Two years after their collaboration with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, the British quintet presents a wonderful Weird Folk album in the tradition of pioneers like the Incredible String Band. The Souvereign Self" combines traditional pastoral folk with psychedelic moments and contemporary folk music.

MARTHA RABBIT - The Colourful Clouds Of Rho Ophiuchi (8:33)
Album: Zodiaklicht (2015)
Label/Distribution: Martha Rabbit/

The Bremen electronic duo has finished their third album. In memory of Edgar Froese, the late mastermind of Tangerine Dream, some of the titles show a strong influence of the "Berlin School". Typical sequencer sequences and melodic synth fanfares. Almost TD anthems. Sci-Fi music.

KIRKBINSINEK - Oyun (4:44)
Album: Sis Pus Sus (2015)
Label/Distribution: World In Sound/Rough Trade

This young band from Istanbul shows that there is also room for psychedelic rock music in Turkey. What makes up this heavy psychedelic sound, played in a pithy manner, is besides the special flair, which is created by oriental harmonies and tone sequences as well as Turkish singing, also the unusual use of a cello. (Review: eclipsed 6/2015)

PAISLEY TREE - Silent Darkness (4:41)
Album: Paisley Tree (2015)
Label/Distribution: Paisley Tree/

The joint project of Space Debris drummer Christian Jäger and his wife "Magic Petra" is hard rock with both punk and flower power influences. The Pretty Things and Led Zeppelin were the godfathers. Everything was produced in an authentic garage sound: raw, earthy and direct. The singing burschikos and snotty-faced. (Review: eclipsed 6/2015)

ZONE SIX - Insight (8:19)
Album: Love Monster (2015)
Label/Distribution: Sulatron/Cargo

The German acid/space rockers are back eleven years later. Oh, yeah! Perfectly flowing space trips that also groove. With the space guitar up on the psychedelic highway and off you go! Four longtracks catapulting you into space. The wait was undoubtedly worth it.