Music From Time And Space Vol. 64

AYREON - Deathcry Of A Race (4:43)
Album: The Source (2CD) (2017)
Label/Distribution: Music Theories/Mascot/Rough Trade

With AYREON, Arjen Lucassen is focusing more on catchability this time without running into shallow waters. His recipe for success: exquisite melodies, stylistic variety from metal to folk and medieval, opulent arrangements and, as always, a top group of singers led by Dream Theaters James LaBrie.

TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN - At My Home (Studio Live-Version) (7:54)
Album: Reflections On The Future (2CD, rem.) (1972/2017)
Label/Distribution: MIG/Indigo

"Reflections On The Future" was released in 1972 and TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN's only album is a forgotten milestone in Krautrock. The 2-CD version, now extended with bonus tracks, impressively proves the high quality and independent Heavy Progressive Rock that was possible in this country.

FAUST - Lights Flickr (5:36)
Album: Fresh Air (2017)
Label/Distribution: Bureau-B/Indigo

Nothing new at FAUST, because once again everything is new at Faust. The German Krautrock/Industrial/Noise-legend has fallen for experimentation again in 2017, recording the new tracks with alternating guest musicians. Merciless rhythms, string drones, offside humor, offside art. Faust.

LES DISCRETS - Le Reproche (4:59)
Album: Prédateurs (2017)
Label/Distribution: Prophecy/Soulfood

Fursey Teyssier has put away the Alcest departure from Neige and Winterhalter quite well. Because "Prédateurs" is the most atmospheric and melancholic work of his band Les Discrets. On "Le Reproche" the guitars are strolling with casual twang and shimmering shoegaze. A longing film noir.

ANUBIS - Fool's Gold (6:30)
Album: The Second Hand (2017)
Label/Distribution: Anubis Music/Just For Kicks

"The Second Hand", the fourth album by Australian pro rockers ANUBIS, is about the tragic demise of a ruthless media mogul. In "Fool's Gold" (synonym for the gold-like mineral pyrite) it is described how this mineral has exploited the sensationalism of humans for its own gain of power.

JOAN SHELLEY - Even Though (3:17)
Album: Joan Shelley (2017)
Label/Distribution: No Quarter/Cargo

Folk singer JOAN SHELLEY hired a prominent producer for her self-titled fourth album: Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. Its goal was to capture the spontaneity of the musicians with as few takes as possible. In the case of "Even Though" two guitars and Joan Shelley's clear alto voice were enough.

ÁSGEIR - Here Comes The Wave In (3:19)
Album: Afterglow (2017)
Label/Distribution: Embassy Of Music/Warner

On "Afterglow", the 24-year-old Icelander ÁSGEIR consistently demonstrates his affinity for electronica for the first time. Songs like "Here Comes The Wave In" live from the skilful mixture of organic and electronic sounds, and the powerful chorus is almost overwhelmed by the sung wave.

KRISSY MATTHEWS - Language By Injection (live) (6:11)
Album: Live At Freak Valley (2017)
Label/Distribution: Proper/H'Art

Bluesrock can be so powerful, especially when the guitar hero who celebrates it only counts 25 Lenze and explodes on stage with the joy of playing. The breathtaking live show at Freak Valley 2016 was fortunately recorded and shows why the trio conquered the hearts of the stoner rockers.

THE SONIC DAWN - Emily Lemon (4:53)
Album: Into The Long Night (2017)
Label/Distribution: Heavy Psych/Cargo

THE SONIC DAWN from Copenhagen take us with "Into The Long Night" back to the heyday of psychedelic rock and psychedelic pop. The lively song "Emily Lemon" is the counterpart to Chris Isaak's hit "Wicked Game", whereby The Sonic Dawn play even more relaxed. This is how retro rock is fun!

Album: One With The Universe (2017)
Label/Distribution: Electric Magic/World In Sound/Rough Trade

With their fourth studio album, SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT have succeeded in making a big hit. 70ies Rock at its very best. The five tracks, which last about 10 minutes on average, mix guitar solos, riffs, rich rhythms and hymnic keyboards like here at the varied opener "Vipassana". Album of the month!