eclipsed No. 190 / 5-2017

18. July 2018

AYREON - Six billion years in the future

28. April 2017

AYREON - Six billion years in the future

Cologne, Eigelstein. The Hotel Savoy is only five minutes' walk away from the former headquarters of the legendary Eigelstein Musikproduktion GmbH on Hansaring. It's the beginning of March. Arjen Lucassen sits in a cosy corner of the lobby and gives entertaining interviews. It is still almost two months until the release of "The Source". But the mechanisms of the music industry have long been running at full speed behind the scenes. This also includes the usual discussion marathon, which, after stops in Paris, London and Milan, now also takes the two-metre slag to three German cities. In the evening we take the train to Munich, from there we fly to Berlin. Nothing unusual for a musician on a PR tour, but if you know that the 57-year-old Dutchman, who likes to describe himself as a hermit, is reluctant to leave his home environment, you may ask.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 64

25. April 2017

AYREON - Deathcry Of A Race (4:43)
Album: The Source (2CD) (2017)
Label/Distribution: Music Theories/Mascot/Rough Trade

With AYREON, Arjen Lucassen is focusing more on catchability this time without running into shallow waters. His recipe for success: exquisite melodies, stylistic variety from metal to folk and medieval, opulent arrangements and, as always, a top group of singers led by Dream Theaters James LaBrie.