FAUST - A myth that began 50 years ago

27. September 2021

FAUST - Ein Mythos, der vor 50 Jahren begann

Whenever Krautrock is mentioned, the name Faust must also be mentioned. From 1971 onwards, this band created a series of extraordinary albums that remained largely commercially unsuccessful but are all the more artistically valuable. Active again since the 1990s and as innovative as ever, Faust now present the opulent box set "Faust 1971-1974", which, in addition to the first four albums, contains remarkable archive material - including the group's previously unreleased fifth work, recorded in 1974.

"There is no band more mythical than Faust," Julian Cope writes in his book "Krautrocksampler" (1995) about the German band whose works form an indispensable part of the crown jewels of Krautrock - even if they never really got to grips with the term. Werner "Zappi" Diermaier recently replied to the question of whether Faust were Dada or gaga: "Neither. I don't want to name our music anything. Not even Krautrock."

FAUST continues to knit its legend with the help of the Cadavre exquisite

26. May 2017

FAUST continues to knit its legend with the help of the Cadavre exquisite

eclipsed: The album title "Fresh Air" sounds relaxed and light at first. But then it did not become a loose and light album ...

Jean-Hervé Péron: No, it's not that. If you currently look at the world around you, what is happening in Turkey, in the USA and elsewhere, then it stinks enormously. I think a little fresh air would be in order.

Werner "Zappi" Diermaier: Concerning the piece "Fresh Air": We equipped it live with a prelude, with a drone in which the rhythm slowly develops. The intro was long, it was exciting, with different instruments. Then we got into this "Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom." And then it gets better and better. You can play it almost endlessly. Such a piece lives by its length.

eclipsed: On the second part of this track you are more rhythmic than ever or at least not for a long time. And that means something.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 64

25. April 2017

AYREON - Deathcry Of A Race (4:43)
Album: The Source (2CD) (2017)
Label/Distribution: Music Theories/Mascot/Rough Trade

With AYREON, Arjen Lucassen is focusing more on catchability this time without running into shallow waters. His recipe for success: exquisite melodies, stylistic variety from metal to folk and medieval, opulent arrangements and, as always, a top group of singers led by Dream Theaters James LaBrie.

FAUST "j US t"

12. December 2014

Faust - next to Amon Düül II and CAN the most legendary Krautband - returns with "Just Us" or "j US t" as it says on the cover. What is exciting is that Werner "Zappi" Diermaier and Jean-Herve Peron, the two original members of the Hamburg band, see "Just Us" as a model for further use, although they certainly don't just provide a rhythmic carpet with it.

eclipsed No. 59 / 2-2004

09. April 2014