NIGHTWISH - Bandevolution: The Next Chapter

26. March 2015


NIGHTWISH - Bandevolution: The Next Chapter

Four years after "Imaginaerum", Nightwish opened a new chapter in their highly successful career with the "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" inspired by Charles Darwin. Maybe it's even the beginning of a new era: The Dutch Floor Jansen, who could already be heard on the impressive live DVD "Showtime, Storytime", is now refining the eighth studio album of the Finnish bombast specialists as a permanent band member with her very own singing style.

Cologne, early February. Nightwish have invited you to the Hard Rock Cafe near the historic Heumarkt. Keyboarder Tuomas Holopainen, bassist Marco Hietala and singer Floor Jansen answer questions from the press. Even RTL has sent a television team to report on the new constellation of Finland's most successful rock export. But before the conversation revolves around the new album, Holopainen first talks about another affair of the heart.

Tuomas Holopainen: I hope so much that Hans Zimmer wins the Oscar for the soundtrack to "Interstellar" [he finally had to admit defeat to Alexandre Desplat and his also very recommendable score for "Grand Budapest Hotel"; note]. I have all his CDs at home, I'm an absolute fan. I have already seen the film twice in the cinema to be able to enjoy the soundtrack with full force over a top facility.

eclipsed: Have you ever met Zimmer in person?

Holopainen: No, but when we play on the upcoming tour in Los Angeles, it will be. Troy Donockley, who is responsible for flutes and bagpipes in our company and also works in the film business, made the contact. I'm pretty nervous about it. (laughs) I used to write him letters a lot, but he never answered.

eclipsed: Troy Donockley's recording as a permanent member of the band was no big surprise after the frequent session work. The most important personalia on "Endless Form Most Beautiful" are rather you, Floor. Did you have to adapt your singing to Tuomas composition style or vice versa?

Floor Jansen: The recordings of the soft, very deep and less opera-like vocal parts were a big challenge for me, because I had never sung in this position before.

Holopainen: Floor was very enthusiastic about it and we were able to get the most out of her voice. I'm totally thrilled by your richness of facets. This is how we arrived at a truly convincing result.

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