TOTO - contract is contract

26. March 2015

Toto Steve Lukather

TOTO - contract is contract

With their new studio album "Toto XIV", the first in nine years, Toto want to continue their great deeds in the eighties. And on paper the chances are not bad, after all there are three founding members in the current line-up as well as singer Joseph Williams, who once refined the albums "Fahrenheit" and "The Seventh One". Nevertheless, the US band doesn't remain in the past with their sound, rather they have delivered a multi-layered work that easily stands up to comparison with younger groups. But it could have been her last record.

For almost forty years, Toto has been a guarantor of A-grade rock. Despite several vocal changes, despite the tragic death of drummer Jeff Porcaro and despite the ALS illness of his brother Mike, the legendary AOR formation got ready to end their two-year break in 2010. "Toto XIV", the latest studio prank of the gifted musicians, once again combines all the qualities of the group - of which guitarist Steve Lukather and keyboardist David Paich are noticeably proud.

eclipsed: When you broke up Toto in 2008, that seemed to be the end of the band. But two years later the reunion was perfect. Nevertheless it was not clear if you would record a studio album again. How did it happen now?

Steve Lukather: First we came together to help our bass player Mike Porcaro. Mike is married and has kids who go to college, but he can't play bass anymore to make a living. Our first reunion tour was very successful, afterwards we toured again. Then we were sued by our record company and they said: "You still owe us an album!" We were totally surprised, but then we said, "Fuck it! Let's just make this record!" But we also knew that she had to be really good. That's why we made some rules: A classic Toto album needs a hammer-like production as well as great songs and great instrumental contributions. After two years of litigation, we started 2015 with a new product. We're very glad we got a second chance.

eclipsed: What had led to the lawsuit?

David Paich: The whole thing is a bit odd, because Toto has been running pretty smoothly for the last 35 years. But suddenly we found out that in the rock'n'roll business two lawyers can interpret the same contract completely differently. That's why our record company said: "We want another album from you because it says here that you signed with us for an indefinite period of time" But we didn't! Nevertheless, we decided that it was best to just record a new record. That's why we met in the studio about a year ago and started writing songs. "Great Expectations even goes back to the turn back time, but we've reworked it and added parts. It was like we were painting a giant fresco together.

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