WOLVESPIRIT have recorded an album full of love with "Blue Eyes

15. February 2017


WOLVESPIRIT have recorded an album full of love with "Blue Eyes

WolveSpirit continue to live their dream of the rock commune. Guitarist Rio and his organ-playing brother Oliver Eberlein still live with their singer, the US-American Debby Craft, in a shared flat near Würzburg - short ways to try out ideas. Founded eight years ago, they first really caught the eye in 2013 with the record "Dreamcather". They captured the rock of the late sixties and early seventies here in an original way. With "Free" two years later, they were able to add another shovel to their repertoire and thus raised expectations for their new album "Blue Eyes".

eclipsed: You don't just call an album "Blue Eyes". What's behind all this?

Oliver Eberlein: That's right, the album title is no coincidence. Debby had written this song "Blue Eyes" and only a few months later she fell in love with a man with blue eyes. It also went well with the rest of the album, which is about loving, falling in love again, daring something new.

eclipsed: And "Free" was called that because Debby was still free back then?

Eberlein: (laughs) No, not really. The idea behind this title was that of the free spirit, as it prevailed in rock'n'roll in the late sixties, whose spiritual daughters and sons we consider ourselves.

eclipsed: "Blue Eyes was produced by Andrija Tokic. What did he do differently from Michael Wagener?

Eberlein: The mode of operation of the two is completely different. Michael approaches the matter very meticulously and technically. It's always about the best possible sound. Andrija, on the other hand, is a hippie who wants everything to feel good, everything to groove. It's about the feeling. Besides, he's an analog freak. The entire technology is analog and not digital.

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