CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Powerful music, honest from the ground up

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Powerful music, honest from the ground up

Crippled Black Phoenix made it. They have outgrown the underground and gained a reputation on a broad level, which allows them to tour worldwide and play at the big festivals. And all this without bending, without giving up her vision of an alternative artrock. Band founder and guitarist Justin Greaves talks about the inner workings of his band and the new album.

eclipsed: "White Light Generator sounds quieter than its predecessors.

Justin Greaves: Yeah, it could be. There's no suitable material for the big stadium skirt, is there? No heavy rock either. We don't think about what a new album should sound like before. There is only one requirement: It should not sound like its predecessor. "White Light Generator has indeed become very intimate. It is very emotional and not as powerful as "(Mankind) The Crafty Ape".

eclipsed: The first song "Sweeter Than You" sounds like a love song from the 1930s. And the title of the last song "A Brighter Tomorrow" has a positive effect. Pretty unusual for Crippled Black Phoenix.

Greaves: You're not in a bad position with that: "Sweeter Than You" is actually from the 1950s, by Ricky Nelson. Back then, it was pure rock'n'roll. That song inspired me a lot. It made me want to describe intimate feelings. "A Brighter Tomorrow" is a sad song in terms of sound, but the lyrics are the exact opposite. With Crippled Black Phoenix, we have tried before to convey hope and confidence. You can't just keep spreading bad news and gloomy moods. And black humor alone is not enough. Perhaps this also reflects my present condition. The album is not a concept album, so we were free to choose the order of the songs. We had the heavy psychedelic songs and the melodic, lighter pieces. From a sonic point of view it only made sense for us to group the tracks accordingly - the dark things first, then the friendly ones. So we leave the listener with confidence.

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