Despite the retirement of Steven Wilson, everything is the same with BLACKFIELD

21. January 2021

Blackfield Aviv Geffen

Trotz des Rückzugs von Steven Wilson ist bei BLACKFIELD alles beim Alten

The sixth Blackfield album "For The Music" was created under the auspices of Aviv Geffen. In the eclipsed interview the Israeli superstar gives an insight into his soul life and never tires of talking about politics.

eclipsed: Now that Steven Wilson has further retired from Blackfield, you are solely responsible for the compositions, lyrics and production. Was that difficult for you?

Aviv Geffen: No, on the contrary. For one thing, Steven is still there. He sings on three songs and plays a little guitar. On the other hand, I had all the freedom now. Blackfield still sound like Blackfield. It's the same melodic sound. And I think the new album sounds more like the old Steven Wilson than his last solo albums. Also, Coldplay producer Rik Simpson helped me with the mixing.

eclipsed: Are you disappointed that Steven retired?

Geffen: No. That's just the way it is. We're still the best of friends.

eclipsed: You've worked with producers like Alan Parsons and Trevor Horn before. What did you learn from them?

Geffen: How to manage to create your own style. Blackfield sound on the one hand like plastic pop, but on the other hand also experimental. We have created our own sound. Take the new tracks like "For The Music", "Under My Skin" or "Over & Over". That's the typical Blackfield pop sound.

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