England's best new hard rock band INGLORIOUS underpins their exceptional position

1. February 2021


Englands beste neue Hardrock-Band INGLORIOUS untermauert ihre Ausnahmestellung

"We Will Ride" is the fourth album of the band around ex-Trans Siberian Orchestra/Uli Jon Roth vocalist Nathan James. Already after the Inglorious debut in 2016, fans of British hard rock got shiny eyes and big ears. The two albums that followed, "II" (2017) and "Ride To Nowhere" (2019), cemented the formation's stellar reputation. Then, shortly after the release of the third album, there were sweeping line-up changes. Only James and drummer Phil Beaver remained in the line-up. Lead guitarist Danny Dela Cruz, guitarist Dan Stevens and bassman Vinnie Colla were new additions.

eclipsed: "We Will Ride" is the first album with the new line-up. What do you see as the strengths of the band now?

Nathan James: Our incredibly talented lead guitarist who, despite his tender age of 21, plays in a very mature and song-oriented way. Vinnie, our bassist, and Dan, the second guitarist, bring years of experience to the table, yet are genuinely hungry. The strength of this lineup is their professionalism, so me and Phil love being in a band with these guys, something I couldn't always claim.

eclipsed: What do you think is different or even better on the new album than before?

James: We worked with a producer for the first time as a band: Romesh Dodangoda is responsible for making the record sound full and modern without losing any of its energy. Because of Covid there was no possibility to record the album "semi-live", but from the songwriting point of view the "new guys" had a lot of ideas, so now different influences are redefining the sound.

eclipsed: Dodangoda will stay on board then?

James: We will 100 percent work with a producer again and would like to continue with Romesh. The only thing we would change is the Corona situation. It's hard to record an album when everyone can't be in the studio at the same time. I miss the social aspect.

Inglorious - "She Won't Let You Go" - Official Music Video

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