England's best new hard rock band INGLORIOUS underpins their exceptional position

01. February 2021

Englands beste neue Hardrock-Band INGLORIOUS untermauert ihre Ausnahmestellung

"We Will Ride" is the fourth album of the band around ex-Trans Siberian Orchestra/Uli Jon Roth vocalist Nathan James. Already after the Inglorious debut in 2016, fans of British hard rock got shiny eyes and big ears. The two albums that followed, "II" (2017) and "Ride To Nowhere" (2019), cemented the formation's stellar reputation. Then, shortly after the release of the third album, there were sweeping line-up changes. Only James and drummer Phil Beaver remained in the line-up. Lead guitarist Danny Dela Cruz, guitarist Dan Stevens and bassman Vinnie Colla were new additions.

eclipsed: "We Will Ride" is the first album with the new line-up. What do you see as the strengths of the band now?

INGLORIOUS "Inglorious"

17. February 2016

A Hammond organ opens the first album of the English-Swedish band Inglorious, who are actually keyboarderless. "Until I Die" is a heavy, powerful song which, after the first guitar riffs and the appearance of Nathan James' dominant vocals between David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, quickly makes it clear that this is old school British hard rock.