ERIK COHEN wants to tread completely new paths in the future

2. December 2019

Erik Cohen Smoke Blow

ERIK COHEN will in Zukunft ganz neue Wege beschreiten

Under the name Erik Cohen, the Hamburg musician Daniel Geiger has attracted attention with three outstanding albums that develop a new vision of German-language rock music: hard, uncompromising, dark - but also very classical and paying homage to the great rock gods of the 70s. This approach was unusual from the start and served Cohen - also known as Jack Letten, frontman of Smoke Blow - as a playground for experiments.

So it's only logical that he now picks out the highlights of his album trilogy with a "Live in the Studio" album and presents them in a new sound: "I have tried to live out myself beyond genre boundaries in musical breadth through the three studio albums and have chosen quite different basic approaches in each case, which I can now bring together again conclusively before devoting myself to something completely new", the musician explains the idea behind the album with the title "Live from the past", which at the same time represents a retrospective like a kind of caesura.

He also doesn't want to be too high that he expresses himself in the German language, because he sees himself first of all "in the tradition of numerous international rock bands". "I subconsciously orientate myself on records that were formative for me as a musician and music fan. It's maybe 50 or 60 albums I've internalized to the core. This ranges from hardcore and punk to metal and wave to tasteful pop, classic rock records and more. So I don't think of myself as a 'German rocker'..."


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