THE FLOWER KINGS - Back to the old spirit

20. December 2019

The Flower Kings Roine Stolt

THE FLOWER KINGS - Zurück zum alten Spirit

It's not easy getting Roine Stolt on the phone. The busy 63-year-old is too busy with his various bands and projects. Most recently he recorded new pieces with Transatlantic. When the phone call finally comes through, he is - of course - in his studio in Stockholm.

eclipsed: Can you announce anything new from Transatlantic yet?

Stolt: It's not quite certain yet. But we hope that we will have a new album in about a year.

eclipsed: You have so many bands and projects. You know, when you get up, it's usually just about what's on that day

Stolt: Not really. Today, for example, I had a long phone call with the record company about Transatlantic. Then we had a talk with the promoters of the Flower Kings about our upcoming Japan tour. And now we're talking on the phone.

eclipsed: Then let's get to "Waiting For Miracles". It's a double album.

Stolt: Well, that wasn't the plan. But together we decided not to choose big from the material we had, but to simply put everything on top. Nobody was in the mood for endless discussions about which song absolutely has to be on the album and which one doesn't.

eclipsed: It is again an album under the name The Flower Kings. When was it clear that the band would get back together?

Stolt: We played two tours last year, which was great fun. So we decided to go back into the studio together again.

THE FLOWER KINGS - Miracles for America (Album Track)

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