FROST* - "Eat or Die!"

20. June 2021


FROST* - „Fresst oder sterbt!“

Dark and sarcastic greetings from the island: The British prog band FROST* is back - with a new album and three drummers. In an interview with eclipsed, keyboardist Jem Godfrey and guitarist John Mitchell talk about the recording process, the line-up change in the band and their anger about the current British government

"Day And Age" is the name of Frost*'s fourth studio album, which was created under the impression of the Brexit and the departure of long-time drummer Craig Blundell from the band. Both departures audibly released new energies in remaining musicians Jem Godfrey (keyboards, vocals), John Mitchell (guitar, bass, vocals) and Nathan King (bass, keyboards, vocals). "We decided to continue with the basic line-up as a trio after Craig's departure. We thought about not committing ourselves to one drummer, but to work with different drummers on the next album, depending on what style the respective song demanded", Jem Godfrey tells, and John Mitchell adds: "A bit like with Peter Gabriel's album 'So', on which he also worked with many guest musicians, for example with Police drummer Stewart Copeland. But there it was more extreme - he was only responsible for the hi-hat. But we liked the basic idea."

Jem Godfrey elaborates, "For example, 'Repeat To Fade' has such a John Bonham part. We thought Pat Mastelotto would be perfect for that - although originally we didn't really want such prominent drummers." But working with such an icon was "fantastic, of course", he describes the cooperation with the versatile American, who mainly drums for King Crimson, but has also wielded the drum sticks for Mr. Mister, Al Jarreau and the Pointer Sisters. Kaz Rodriguez (Chaka Khan, Josh Groban) and Darby Todd (The Darkness, Martin Barre) also provided fresh beats. "For the next album, we'll get different keyboardists and guitarists for the recordings, and John and I will go on vacation in the meantime," jokes the good-humored Jem Godfrey ...

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