GROBSCHNITT - "Acoustic Party" - Comeback on three guitars

14. May 2019


GROBSCHNITT - „Acoustic Party“ - Comeback auf drei Gitarren

A big hit for rough-cut fans: Original guitarist Lupo returns to German stages together with singer Willi Wildschwein and his son Nuki! For the first time, rough-cut classics will be heard in a purely acoustic version. After the "Last Party" tour in 1989, Lupo announced the end of Grobschnitt: "We disappear into the universe, but sometimes the universe releases something again." Now, rough-cut particles in non-electrified form.

The intensive work on the re-released bandback catalogue ("79:10" box, "Solar Movie" box, "Black & White" vinyl series) has motivated Lupo anew. For the lead guitarist of the Hagen cult formation, the desire to return to the stage after thirty years came back. With three acoustic guitars the journey goes through all rough cut albums with more than two hours of music. Even the songs "Solar Music" and "Rockpommel's Land" will be heard. On 21/22 June, two warm-up gigs are scheduled at the Werkhof Cultural Centre in Hagen. According to their anarchic humor, Grobschnitt plans are running until 2029. We talked to Lupo, Willi Wildschwein and Nuki about Grobschnitt's latest party.

eclipsed: How did the project "Grobschnitt Acoustic Party" come about?

Lupo: Willi and I had the same idea independently of each other without talking about it. Maybe they were still telepathic trains from common rough-cut times.

Willi Wildschwein: Out of love for rough cut music and fascinated by the sound of our Lakewood guitars, Nuki and I have been making GS songs acoustic guitar compatible for years and regularly playing together. Independently of this, in 2017 I began to sift through the compositions and completely rearrange them with a first sceptical, then more and more enthusiastic Lupo. In 2018 Nuki joined the band again and the "Grobschnitt Acoustic Party" was born!

eclipsed: The name "Acoustic Party" is based on "Last Party", the last real rough cut tour with you, Lupo, yes offered!

Lupo: That's exactly what our approach to finding a name was for. There's no better motto. After "Last Party" and "Next Party" comes now the "Acoustic Party".

eclipsed: Together with Eroc and Willi Wildschwein you were the driving force behind Grobschnitt, but then as a musician you were gone for three decades.

Lupo: It's true that since the "Last Party" tour in 1989, coarse cutting was no longer the ultimate focus of my life for a very long time and that I then entered a completely new professional terrain as an event manager, before from 2012 I only dealt with coarse cutting reissues.

Grobschnitt Acoustic Party Trailer

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