GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

26. October 2016


GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

After the big retrospective with the album box "79:10" the three founding members Lupo, Eroc and Willi Wildschwein are still working on the adventurous story of the band. After all, Grobschnitt have immensely enriched German rock music with records like "Solar Music Live", "Rockpommel's Land" and "Illegal". Guitarist Lupo and soundhexer Eroc give eclipsed information about how the "Solar Movie"-Box came into being, why 1978 was such a special year for the group and how it goes on with rough editing.

eclipsed: How did the "Solar Movie" box come about after all this time?

Lupo: The idea of releasing the Rockpalast gig has always been in our heads. We were also permanently reminded by the coarse editing friends to finally publish the video professionally. Many people recorded the performance on television and put it online many years ago.

Eroc: When we agreed to cooperate with Universal Music in 2012 in the course of processing our back catalogue, we finally had a competent Major Company again, which knew our importance and with whom we could work together absolutely efficiently. The "79:10" box last year proved what is possible, also with regard to the acceptance of our trailers.

eclipsed: Then how did it become concrete?

Lupo: The first talks with WDR as the rights owner were held in May 2012, when we decided to complete the "79:10" project. When planning the Rockpalast project, it was clear from the start that we wanted more than a standard DVD with some live photos in mini booklet format. We wanted to focus on the complete "Solar Music" year 1978 with the experiences of the tour. If so, then right - with a large booklet, great photos and stories, vinyl, double CD and bonus tracks that are really fun.

eclipsed: Sounds like a tremendous effort...

Lupo: Indeed. For one year we worked on the box until its completion. One actually only thinks of one topic and comes to nothing else. In this context I would like to remind you of the current eclipsed interview with Jimmy Page [issue 10/2016; note], who had the same experiences with the restoration of the Led Zeppelin complete work and did not even come to his beloved guitar playing during this time.

eclipsed: This is the first rough cut DVD. Why just now?

Lupo: To be honest, for many years we hadn't dealt with the video topic at all, although we have some material. In the 80s and 90s our then record company Metronome had no serious interest in a release either, because video marketing was still in its infancy at that time.

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