With "Icy Skies" FINALLY GEORGE confirms his artrock ambitions and qualities

27. September 2021

Finally George Georg Hahn

Mit „Icy Skies“ bestätigt FINALLY GEORGE seine Artrockambitionen und -qualitäten

In 2018, he came out of nowhere. Georg Hahn aka Finally George surprised the art rock community with his debut album "Life Is A Killer". The then 52-year-old advertising musician, who also called himself a "noise maker" at times, appeared so abruptly in the scene that the eclipsed interview on the release turned out to be his very first ever. From then on he was "infected" - a word that has taken on a new meaning in the course of the three years that have passed since then - by the idea of staying on the ball. And he has stayed on the ball - with his new album "Icy Skies". Georg Hahn: "It was absolutely clear that I would record a second album, because it was really a lot of fun. I was really happy about all the praise for the first album. I was really surprised. But that also created pressure for the next one. With everything I redid, I thought, can I do this as well as I did on the first album?"

He got it right: "Icy Skies" is art rock without big gestures, without special showmanship, but with a feeling for the right melodies in the right place, for moods and for songwriting. And it features a noticeable change from its predecessor. "It's definitely quieter than the first album. But not intentional, it just came that way. With the first album, I felt like rocking out. With the new one, I wanted it to be quieter sound-wise. You could possibly complain that it's just songs. But the record is song oriented. I was also a bit afraid that it might become too normal for people or that they would want me to push harder", Hahn says. Such worries should be unfounded, because the quality of "Icy Skies" convinces ...

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