JOE BONAMASSA "You can't get along in New York unless you have an open mind"

7. November 2021

Joe Bonamassa

JOE BONAMASSA „In New York kannst du nur zurechtkommen, wenn du über einen offenen Geist verfügst“

As already announced last year, JOE BONAMASSA and his team moved to New York City after the album "Royal Tea" was recorded in London's Abbey Road Studios. Actually native terrain for the blues rock superstar born in the state of New York, he has succeeded again there with "Time Clocks" a special album. We chatted with the exceptional guitarist about this, as well as his eagerly awaited return to the world's stages and the future activities of some of his side projects.

It's always refreshing to talk to Joe Bonamassa. Not because he's such a "cool guy" or such a profound interview partner: Despite all his success, he's simply remained a music fan with diverse interests without airs and graces, with whom you can talk shop - and that often connects more than the mere admiration you have for someone because of their outstanding achievements. If you praise Joe Bonamassa's guitar playing, for example, he immediately names twelve guitarists who, in his opinion, you absolutely have to listen to.

eclipsed: The opening question to our Joe Bonamassa cover story in May 2012 was, "Who is Joe Bonamassa - and if so, how many?" What's your answer to that in the fall of 2021?

Joe Bonamassa: Musically, it's certainly related to my various musical projects over the last two decades. But on the other hand, I think the mainstay has always been my regular solo releases, and I'm always trying to readjust, but I think there is something of a Bonamassa sound

eclipsed: Sounds honest, but it's a bit too superficial for me. Are you like that or do you just not let anyone get close to you? I just have to think of a conversation with Glenn Hughes [lead singer of the band Black Country Communion, note], who told me that you are not someone you can just take in your arms and that you don't seem very relaxed to him - even though he appreciates you musically.

Bonamassa: Doesn't that say more about Glenn than it does about me?

eclipsed: Back to the actual question ....

Bonamassa: Privately, I've had my share of depressive moods. In general, I have my fun and enjoyment, but I'm certainly not someone who jumps down everyone's throat, and I'd rather think of myself as someone who observes than is the center of attention. But when you fill halls with two to four thousand people like I do, you can't hide, no matter how good the musicians are who are standing next to you on stage.

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