KAIRON; IRSE! - Land of a thousand ideas

28. April 2017

Kairon Irse

KAIRON; IRSE! - Land of a thousand ideas

It has been eight years since Kairon; IRSE! was launched. Since then, the four boys have been following their own path between Shoegaze, psychedelic rock and postrock. With "Ruination" the band even went one step further: instead of relying on their improvisation skills, Kairon; IRSE! worked on new songs for two years. In a conversation with eclipsed guitarist/keyboarder Niko Lehdontie makes a bow from the beginning of the band to the current record.

eclipsed: You just released the second album with Kairon; IRSE!, but you hardly find any interviews. Why don't you tell me how your band started?

Niko Lehdontie: We started in 2009. Back then, we went to the same school and jammed together. Practically, there were rehearsal rooms and small recording studios at the school. Our other guitarist Lasse Luhta had already written some songs at that time, and the EP "The Defect In That One Is Bleach/We're Hunting Wolverines" was the result. The whole thing was a natural evolution and we were all into psychedelic rock, pro rock and the alternative rock of the 1990s.

eclipsed: Your EP was recorded at Kaustinen College of Music. What were you studying there?

Lehdontie: Well, actually it's an artistic grammar school. So we had normal school subjects, but I also took some studio and music theory courses.

eclipsed: With 150 students, the Kaustinen College of Music is quite small. An ideal prerequisite for developing your own style?

Lehdontie: Oh yes, because there was nothing you could do but make music. (grins)

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