THE MAGPIE SALUTE - Musical Dam Breaking

12. November 2019

The Magpie Salute

THE MAGPIE SALUTE - Musikalischer Dammbruch

Another flood alarm at THE MAGPIE SALUTE - but mastermind Rich Robinson and his five comrades-in-arms continue to wade through all the unrest these days on their second studio album "High Water II". He is very proud of the new album, as well as the predecessor "High Water I", Rich Robinson emphasizes quite rightly. Despite all the euphoria, the ex-Black Crowes guitarist describes himself as a "sentimental person". The separation of his former band in January 2015 and the related quarrel with his older brother Chris still plagues him. In an interview he explains his ambivalent relationship to friendship and why lyrics are so important to him.

eclipsed: Last year you said in an interview that "High Water II" would probably be more about melancholy than its predecessor. Did your expectation come true?

Rich Robinson: The debut was indeed just the introduction to our band trip. It marched into hit parades all over the world, so it was accepted. That'll get us started right away. I may be a melancholic in my heart, but as a musician I'm especially fond of the violent sounds. It's on the ears now.

eclipsed: Were you surprised that High Water I was such a resounding success?

Robinson: Even if that may sound arrogant, I don't worry about such things. I play music, that's all. As long as I can make a decent living from it, it'll go on.

eclipsed: You write all the lyrics. How important are they in the overall context of this project?

Robinson: Extremely important because they are very metaphorical. With it I can explain this complex, sometimes fearsome existence a bit better. I don't differentiate between the inner and outer world while I compose. Sometimes I have to keep a low profile so I don't get too caught up in sentimentality. Most of the time, I can handle it. At least I hope so.

The Magpie Salute ~ "In Here"

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