MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Another feast meal

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Ein weiteres Fest-Mahl

Once ex-UFO Michael Schenker has bitten his teeth into a topic, he won't let up. This applies to the bashing of his brother Rudolf as well as to his musical projects. When Niedersachsen released a studio album in 2018 under the signet Michael Schenker Fest with four former MSG and Temple-Of-Rock shouters, this could have been interpreted as a unique project. But Troubadour had fun with it and on "Revelation" he added Rainbow frontman Ronnie Romero to the band.

It's a feast for him. In 2017 it was only planned as a live episode in Japan with three singers from past band phases. But then the now 64-year-old decided to turn it into another big chapter in his career. 2018 followed the studio work "Resurrection" and further tours under the name Michael Schenker Fest. Michael Schenker Group vocalists Graham Bonnet, Gary Barden and Robin McAuley were joined by Doogie White, Schenker's frontman at Temple Of Rock. On the new album "Revelation" there is even another singer with Ronnie Romero. And the connections in the direction of Rainbow - Romero's predecessors in Blackmore's troupe were Bonnet and White - are even more obvious.

eclipsed: Weren't four singers enough for you?

Michael Schenker: My producer Michael Voss had the idea with Ronnie. He is a fantastic singer, and he is a great match for the other singers.

eclipsed: Will he go on tour too?

Schenker: This is not planned. But I've been known to change plans.

eclipsed: Like organizing the "Michael Schenker Fest" as a unique stage spectacle?

Schenker: Exactly. I was approached with the idea of going on tour with three ex-singers so that everyone could sing their "own" songs. The gigs inspired me to produce an album with new songs with the singers and Steve [Mann; Rhythmusgitarre], Ted [McKenna; Drums] and Chris [Glen; Bass]. And then there was doogie as a matter of course. It all came together.

eclipsed: And now it's on with a new album.

Schenker: There was suddenly a lot of time between the last concerts in 2018 and the first gigs booked in 2019. Since I'm constantly occupied with music, it was quite normal for me to write an album. We used to make a record with UFO every year.

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