QSP-QUATRO SCOTT POWELL - Who can, who can

22. November 2017

QSP Quatro Scott Powell

QSP-QUATRO SCOTT POWELL - Who can, who can

Suzi Quatro, born and raised in Detroit, was one of the best-known rock protagonists before the Heart sisters. This must have been due to the musical as well as liberal upbringing of her family of Italian descent. With her sisters Patti, Arlene and later Nancy she played from 1964 in the All-Girl-Garagerock-Band The Pleasure Seekers, which later changed its name to Cradle. While her older sister Patti stayed in the USA and formed the first All-Girl-Hardrock-Band with Fanny in 1969, the bassist and singer Suzi got an offer from England, from producer and manager Mickie Most (among others The Animals, Jeff Beck Group, Hot Chocolate), who wanted to build Quatro into a successor of the recently deceased Janis Joplin.

It was a mistake that kept Quatro on hold for some time. Nevertheless she was at the right place at the right time, because from 1972 her career finally started under her name ("Rolling Stone", "Can The Can", "48 Crash", "Devil Gate Drive", "The Wild One"). Glamrock swept from England straight across the continent and the world. Sweet with Andy Scott, who like Suzi also had to have their hits written by the songwriter duo Chinn/Chapman, and Slade with Don Powell inevitably crossed paths at several TV shows and other events.

eclipsed: You've known Don Powell and Andy Scott forever. Why did this joint band come into being right now?

Suzi Quatro: When I listen to our first album "QSP" like this, I also ask myself why we haven't already done something together. But basically the idea does not come from us, but from my present husband Rainer Haas. He suggested that I form a band with Andy, who had produced my penultimate album "Back To The Drive" and parts of my last solo album "In The Spotlight", and Don Powell. After all, I already wrote some songs with Andy, so the risk didn't seem that big to me.

eclipsed: You met Powell in 1972 on your first UK tour as Slade's supporting act, didn't you?

Quatro: Slade were quite well known back then, while I hadn't even released a complete album yet. The tour with Don and Slade helped me to get my first big attention in Great Britain.

eclipsed: Which song from Sweet or Slade is your personal favorite?

Quatro: "Far Far Away" by Slade I have always loved hot and dear. With Sweet there is no such clear favourite, but "Love Is Like Oxygen" can be called easily.

eclipsed: While Sweet and Slade were visually well integrated into the glam rock scene, you and your band were more like the leather fraction.

Quatro: (laughs) I still don't really know what Glamrock is. I've always done hard rock'n'roll. That's why I didn't see myself as part of this scene, to which perhaps Gary Glitter, David Bowie with "Ziggy Stardust" and Marc Bolan with T.Rex can most likely be added.

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