QUEEN - Your 50 greatest songs

25. June 2015


QUEEN - Your 50 greatest songs

"It's the singer, not the song" is one of the many rock wisdoms, and there seems to be more than just a grain of truth in it. Without wishing to diminish the achievements of guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon: Without Freddie Mercury, Queen would have been a great rock band at best. His performance made Queen an all-embracing spectacle in the first place. No matter if he gave the hardrock of the early years theatricality or the ambitious works of the middle and late years the perfect vocal polish. Even in Queen's poppy days, the flamboyant frontman managed to overstate the sometimes simple pieces with his style of performance in such a way that they did not sound like radio feed, but like art.

When the Beatles disbanded in 1970, the Rockthron remained orphaned for several years. It was Queen who, as the new "Fab Four", managed to climb Mount Olympus with the same musical power as their predecessors and keep it occupied for over two decades. On the following pages we summarize the 50 greatest song moments in the complete works of this unique rock group. This list is based on the Queen chapter of the first part of our book series "ROCK". The places 30 to 1 correspond to the top list that we have printed there. The other places also largely follow the song evaluation in the book.

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