ROGER TAYLOR - Deeply Relaxed Melancholic

07. November 2021

ROGER TAYLOR - Tiefenentspannter Melancholiker

Roger Taylor used the Corona pandemic to finish his first solo album in eight years. The surprising thing: "Outsider" comes up with some unusual brooding, but partly also political songs. Enough material for an interview with the Queen drummer

BRIAN MAY & QUEEN "If he was still alive, we'd keep making music."

05. September 2021

BRIAN MAY & QUEEN „Würde er noch leben, würden wir weiter Musik machen.“

November 24 marks the 30th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death, and September 5 would have been the Queen singer's 75th birthday. Already on August 6, the album "Back To The Light" of his ex-bandmate Brian May was re-released, with which he processed the loss of his friend and the resulting end of the group in 1992. In the interview he talked about his crisis at that time, Mercury's continuing presence and the modern media society.

QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT - "It's insanely exciting to be a catalyst for Brian and Roger"

16. November 2020

QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT - „Es ist wahnsinnig aufregend, als Katalysator für Brian und Roger zu wirken“

Like the British head of state, the rock heroes of the 70s and 80s named after him are not thinking of abdicating. On the contrary: since the Oscar-winning biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen has experienced a real renaissance and conquered a whole new audience. With good reason, according to her tour guest singer Adam Lambert: "Freddie Mercury was way ahead of his time."

eclipsed No. 183 / 9-2016

31. December 2016

The eclipsed check - The 150 greatest rock anthems of all time

Stomping, combative, polemic, ecstatic - rock anthems can present themselves in this way and in completely different forms of mood. In any case, they have always stood for the great emotional theatre in popular music. The eclipsed editorial team has brought together the 150 most exciting representatives of the hymn-like song from six decades and allowed showers to trickle down their backs several times. Welcome to the stage of larger-than-life gestures!

40 years ago: QUEEN in Hyde Park - Coronation in the park

24. August 2016

40 years ago: QUEEN in Hyde Park - Coronation in the park

Years later Brian May once declared: "I think 'Hyde Park' was one of the most important concerts in our career. There was a lot of confirmation at that time, because we had made it in many countries at that time. But in England we were still not really sure that we were accepted. So it was wonderful to come back, see this crowd and feel this reaction." Steve Hillage, who was on that memorable day in the lead-up to the event among others, confirms May's assessment: "The Hyde Park event has cemented Queen's status as a truly great star. They then reached a higher level." Richard Branson, organizer of the concert, also agrees: "For Queen, it was a turning point in her career."

When Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor left the stage on that evening of 18 September 1976, they had finally risen to superstars at home in the kingdom. The audience was furious. But the band didn't give an encore, contrary to their other habits.

eclipsed No. 172 / 7/8-2015

09. December 2015

QUEEN - Their 50 biggest songs

Queen emphasized throughout their career that they are essentially a hard rock band. In fact, the English kept increasing the hardness of their songs as much as they liked. And yet there is hardly a formation of its caliber that has tried its hand in so many different genres. This stylish heterogeneity is also reflected in our ranking of the 50 greatest songs of the pomp quartet.

CARLOS SANTANA - The Sound of the World

QUEEN - Your 50 greatest songs

25. June 2015

QUEEN - Your 50 greatest songs

"It's the singer, not the song" is one of the many rock wisdoms, and there seems to be more than just a grain of truth in it. Without wishing to diminish the achievements of guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon: Without Freddie Mercury, Queen would have been a great rock band at best. His performance made Queen an all-embracing spectacle in the first place. No matter if he gave the hardrock of the early years theatricality or the ambitious works of the middle and late years the perfect vocal polish. Even in Queen's poppy days, the flamboyant frontman managed to overstate the sometimes simple pieces with his style of performance in such a way that they did not sound like radio feed, but like art.

eclipsed No. 147 / 2-2013

12. April 2014


Our view of 2012 is not angrier. On the contrary: the past of rock and pop has hardly appeared in a year as brilliant as in the past. Old heroes remind us of past, but not forgotten great deeds with new activities. You don't have to worry about hero offspring either. Young musicians are creative and tradition-conscious at the same time, and able to lead rock and pop into the future.

Time for S.O.N.G.S

eclipsed No. 134 / 10-2011

11. April 2014

The refinement of the perfect

With "Why Pink Floyd?" the British rock legend Pink Floyd not only refines their back catalogue, but also launches a marketing campaign that even surpasses the Beatles madness of 2010. eclipsed drummer Nick Mason took to the verbal sweatbox and demanded Tacheles - about ongoing reunion rumours, unreleased recordings, the current band chemistry and mistakes of the past. We also interviewed sound engineer Andy Jackson about his experiences with Pink Floyd. And: We start the walk through all the studios where the band ever recorded.

Soli Surcharge

eclipsed No. 128 / 3-2011

11. April 2014

Coronation of the Seventies

When 19-year-old bassist John Deacon joined the band of Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor in February 1971, Queen were ready to go. What followed was a career of intoxication. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the legendary rock band, we provide a chronology of the most exciting phase of their career: Queen in the seventies.

Machine Music

Torn apart and newly formed - Frank Bornemann has experienced this with his band Eloy several times. He has kept the formation alive since 1969. After eleven years of radio silence, Eloy returned in 2009 with the CD "Visionary". In December the DVD retrospective "The Legacy Box" was released, in July Eloy will play live for the first time in 13 years. Review of the stations in the career of a German prog band.

"We wanted to create a myth!"