SIENA ROOT urgently appeal to our human reason

2. March 2020

Siena Root

SIENA ROOT appellieren dringend an unsere menschliche Vernunft

The Swedish retro-rockers have been quite successful in recent years, for example they were allowed to provide tour support for Deep Purple, whose sound was also the inspiration for their chart album "A Dream Of Lasting Peace" in 2017. Now they are back with "The Secret Of Our Time". It is well known that they are convinced advocates of analogue equipment and recordings. But now, in the face of current global crises regarding ecology and digitalisation, they are also thematically mobile thanks to analogue intellect. Siena Root are demanding their listeners. But the high standards of the concept album are sweetened by two new female front singers, because Samuel Björö, the last singer, is already passé again. Founding member and bassist Sam Riffer gives information.

eclipsed: What does the cryptic album title "The Secret Of Our Time" stand for?

Sam Riffer: We are currently facing numerous ecological, technological and social problems. The secret is how we can solve them...

eclipsed: What is the concept behind the album?

Riffer: "The Secret Of Our Time" explores human nature in relation to contemporary technological and artificial realities. Here the album articulates criticism of quick digital answers to complex existential and philosophical questions. Like in a band, we should all generally rely on each other as human beings. Despite the current economic, social and ecological crises in the world, humanity plays a crucial role in the earth's ecosystem. For us, belief in it and its intelligence is the key to solving the escalating crises.

eclipsed: Can you illustrate this with some song examples?

Riffer: Yes, "Organic Intelligence" is a criticism of artificial intelligence and its simplifying algorithms. The world is more complex than that. A vinyl-loving band like us naturally believes in the superiority of human reason. We are responsible for many of the problems. And we have to solve them. The cover symbolically shows a machine: Our technology creates many things, but in doing so it destroys our environment. And the message of "When A Fool Wears The Crown" is easy to understand (laughs).

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