Slowcore band LOW explores the boundaries between tradition and futurism

20. August 2021


Die Slowcore-Band LOW lotet die Grenzen zwischen Tradition und Futurismus aus

With their last album "Double Negative", the slowcore pioneers Low took a completely new path. The distorted beauty of their songs not only set a striking counterpoint to the smoothly polished Instagram world of our days, but also to the defeatism of current noise productions. There was no mention of Corona and Lockdown at the time, but Low seemed to anticipate events in their music. Now, the new album "Hey What" continues the dualism of "Double Negative" under a completely different premise. "We live in a distorted society," explains guitarist and singer Alan Sparhawk.

"But we've learned not to respond to it with too much intent. When we write and record, we don't think too much about what it might say or mean. When you're working incessantly creatively, you're reflecting either way on what's happening at the time. You don't have to proclaim what you want to express with your music, it just happens on its own. Certainly we have strange times, and every artist finds their own way to respond to that. "A major part of the aesthetic of Low's new album, as well as their last, is producer BJ Burton. He distorts the band's originals beyond recognition at times. Through a curtain of digital noise, one can only dimly discern the beauty of the original melodies. This interplay works like the contrast between dream and reality ...

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