SOEN - "We love to mix styles"

3. March 2021


SOEN - „Wir lieben es, Stile zu vermischen“

The reviews are overflowing. With their fifth studio album "Imperial" the Swedish prog metallers Soen are definitely in a row with bands like Opeth or Katatonia. There has long been talk of a reference work. In the interview, band leader Martín López explains how meticulously he and singer Joel Ekelöf work on the songs and how they try to touch the listeners emotionally again and again.

Martín López seems annoyed. Also in 2021, Corona ensures that bands can't rehearse and tours have to be cancelled. Soen, who actually wanted to go on tour from April, are also affected. At least we can cheer up the drummer and bandleader with a message in the Skype interview, though.

eclipsed: First of all, may I tell you that "Imperial" is our album of the month for February!

Martín López: Great to hear! These days we can really use news like that.

eclipsed: You must have imagined the promotion for the album differently ..

López: Yeah, sure. I mean, we had the choice to come out with it now or to postpone the release again. But I think people are happy to hear new music right now, and also we are happy that something is just happening again.

eclipsed: What about the planned tour?

López: We have to postpone it until the end of 2021 and 2022. Sad, but we can't change it.

eclipsed: "Imperial" has become another strong album in our opinion, seamlessly following its predecessor "Lotus". Do you see it similarly?

López: Absolutely. Nevertheless, I believe and hope that we have become even better and more song-oriented, that we have more beautiful melodies and even better lyrics. We already knew with "Lotus" that we had more to offer, so we listened inside ourselves to explore what we could do even better.

eclipsed: A greater degree of heaviness and more classic metal elements stand out.

López: The metal elements were a conscious step. Many bands from our circle of influence go more in the direction of art rock. But we come from metal, from bands like Sepultura, Metallica, Iron Maiden or the Scorpions. Of course we also love Pink Floyd and bands like that - that's part of our past. But we wanted to go back to our roots a bit, wanted to deliver a more direct album with a clear message, and we felt more comfortable with metal.

Soen - Monarch (Official Video)

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