SOEN - "We love to mix styles"

03. March 2021

SOEN - „Wir lieben es, Stile zu vermischen“

The reviews are overflowing. With their fifth studio album "Imperial" the Swedish prog metallers Soen are definitely in a row with bands like Opeth or Katatonia. There has long been talk of a reference work. In the interview, band leader Martín López explains how meticulously he and singer Joel Ekelöf work on the songs and how they try to touch the listeners emotionally again and again.

Martín López seems annoyed. Also in 2021, Corona ensures that bands can't rehearse and tours have to be cancelled. Soen, who actually wanted to go on tour from April, are also affected. At least we can cheer up the drummer and bandleader with a message in the Skype interview, though.

eclipsed: First of all, may I tell you that "Imperial" is our album of the month for February!

Martín López: Great to hear! These days we can really use news like that.

Hate news does not stop SOEN from assuming social responsibility - for "Lotus" also in women's clothing.

31. January 2019

Hassnachrichten bringen SOEN nicht davon ab, soziale Verantwortung zu übernehmen – für „Lotus“ auch im Damenkleid.

He has no resolutions for the new year, Martín López explains to us on New Year's Eve afternoon. He mainly wanted to maintain his love for music, only in this way could Soen continue to exist. To work full-time as a musician again is out of the question for the former Opeth drummer. But Soen are still far away from a pure fun project. In several interviews López emphasizes how important the value of a band is to him.

eclipsed: With "Lykaia Revisited" you wanted to close a chapter of the band. How has your perspective on Lotus changed?

Martín López: Above all in terms of sound technology. Previously we had always produced ourselves, now we were ready to allow help from outside, through David Castillo. At the same time, we really followed our vision and didn't let anyone stop us.

eclipsed: "Lykaia" was produced by your then guitarist Marcus Jidell. Does the changed process also result from his departure?

SOEN "Lykaia"

09. February 2017

Lykaia is the name of an archaic festival in ancient Greece that was held at the foot of Lyakaion Mountain; an important part of the festivities was a secret initiation ritual, which, however, was associated with the danger that - according to the myth - the young men would turn into werewolves or cannibals. So this is the starting point for the journey the Swedish band Soen takes us on.

SOEN explore their own abysses on their new album

25. January 2017

SOEN explore their own abysses on their new album

eclipsed: Your new album is named after a strange ritual from ancient Greece in which young men supposedly turned into werewolves. Is there anything current in the werewolf motif?

Martin Lopez: We are fascinated by the great old themes of humanity, because these basic themes are ultimately timeless: religiously based wars are an example. Against this background it is not difficult to relate our songs to the present. If one refers to past epochs, it becomes all the clearer that the main problems of mankind have not changed much. It is probably instincts that prevent us from carrying each other and supporting the weaker. In the end, the inner predator prevails, subduing or killing others. Even if we walk around with suits and smartphones today, we are doing the same thing as people 3000 years ago, when there were slaves and kings ...