On their latest album GAZPACHO dedicate themselves to the shallows of the human soul

1. October 2020


Auf ihrem jüngsten Album widmen sich GAZPACHO den Untiefen der menschlichen Seele

It has now become a nice habit that every new Gazpacho work is dominated by a comprehensive concept, in which bandleader and keyboardist Thomas Andersen repeatedly serves up incredible stories to his listeners, whose truthfulness he fervently defends. There was, for example, the mysterious old book, which he happened to have been allowed to look into, with which one could conjure up the "Demon". Or the short sound at the end of "Molok", which, according to a certain algorithm, could trigger a new big bang in one of several billion cases and thus the end of the world ..

So the concept behind the new album "Fireworker" seems almost unspectacular: Deep inside every human being there is something slumbering which, if you get too close to it, has unpleasant consequences for yourself and your environment. "It is not necessarily evil, at least not from an ethical point of view", Andersen reveals, "but rather I would describe it as 'nature' or the 'true nature' of man, which we have buried deeper and deeper within ourselves during evolution" But gazpacho would not be the accessible band they are if they staged this philosophical-anthropological concept in an abstract way. "Of course, it's a story I'm telling here, it's about a very concrete person who comes dangerously close to this something inside her!"

Gazpacho - Fireworker (from Fireworker)

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